Bhagya Lakshmi Today’s 17th November 2023 Written Updates

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th August 2023

The 17th November 2023 episode of Bhagya Lakshmi begins with Rishi approaching Lakshmi as she slides back. Lakshmi grabs the frame again and begins striking Rishi, but Malishka comes to his aid and grabs the frame from her grasp. She then pushes Lakshmi behind her.

Continue reading to know more about what happened in today’s episode.

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Rishi Shouts At Malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi Rishi

Rishi shouts angrily at Malishka to calm down since Lakshmi is out of her mind, but Malishka overlooks him and shouts at Lakshmi, asking how dare she attack Rishi. When Malishka repeats again that she cannot allow Lakhsmi to hurt him, Rishi cradles Lakshmi in his arms.


Cunning Malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update
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Lakshmi stares her in the eyes and tells her that Malishka tried to kill them both and is currently giving her a moral lecture. Everyone is stunned by the discovery, but Lakshmi bursts out laughing. Malishka takes advantage of this opportunity to inform everyone that Lakshmi has gone insane as a result of her head injury and should be sent to the hospital. Rishi quickly summons the car and drives Lakshmi to the hospital.


What Will Happen Next In The Narrative Of Bhagya Lakshmi?

Bhagya Lakshmi
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The next episode begins with Rishi and everyone else accompanying Lakshmi to the hospital. The doctor summons the couple inside, where Rishi informs him of the incident that occurred at their home. The doctor examines Lakshmi’s case and states that due to her brain injury, she is having disorganized thoughts and has reached a trigger point that occurs when she sees the fire. Rishi stares at Lakshmi, who is still giggling like a lunatic and messing with stuff on the table, with a sorrowful heart. Bani, too, watches them through the glass, her eyes welling up.

Rishi asked the doctor if Lakshmi would recover completely, to which the doctor responded that it is difficult to predict because healing can occur quickly in some situations and slowly in others.

What do you think will happen in the narrative of Bhagya Lakshmi? Also, please tell us your opinion on the show in the below comment section. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Stay tuned for more updates on Bhagya Lakshmi.

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