Anupama 17th November 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama 23rd September 2023

Today’s Anupama 17th November 2023 episode begins with Romil revealing to Anu the gift he will give her later on Bhai dooj when he finds a box with his name on it. Everyone pops balloons and praises Romil, which leads him to hear that Ankush plans to send him to Boston University to study, which makes him very pleased. Romil thanks Ankush with a hug and recognizes that Ankush is a nice father and a wonderful brother. Ankush has a light in his heart after hearing Romil, and he declares that he would miss the folks in this family despite the fact that he did not want to stay here at first.

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Leela Questions Dimpy

Anupama 15th October 2023

In the meantime, Leela brings Dimpy home and questions her why she is strolling so close to Titu, which stuns Dimpy. Dimpy, on the other hand, responds that she was merely having him repair the door handle because she couldn’t afford it. Leela keeps saying deplorable things about Dimpy’s character and that she already found another man despite the fact that Samar died only two months ago. Dimpy breaks down and goes to Anupama as she and Anuj arrive.


Anupama Stands For Dimpy

Anupamaa 25 May 2023 Written Update

Anupama stands up for Dimple and informs Leela that she is thinking incorrectly. Dimpy loses her cool and declares that if Leela continues to blame her in this manner, she will move out of the house for good. Leela wants Dimple to go after giving her the baby, which enrages Dimpy even more, and she claims that everyone is correct to abandon Leela because she deserves to be alone. She asks what would happen if Dimpy decided to date someone else, to which Anupama responds that it is Dimple’s decision. Leela, on the other hand, insists she will never let this happen to Dimpy.


Leela Faints

Anupama 6 July 2023

She becomes hyper and faints unexpectedly, at which point the doctor arrives and informs everyone that Leela can be taken to the hospital owing to her high blood pressure. Hasmukh begins to cry and says that he can not survive alone without Leela since he and Kavya would be left in this house if something happened to Leela. Kavya brings Hasmukh into his room to rest as the others are concerned about the situation, with Dimpy sinking in remorse because she never wanted anything to happen to Leela.

Anuj leaves after a short while since he has some job to do and vows to return later, but Anupama remains at the Shah residence. Kinjal becomes deeply affected by Leela’s illness and holds Pari close to her, after which she declares that they should no longer travel to the United Kingdom. Toshu argues they can’t alter their minds, but Dimpy encourages them to stay since Leela adores them.

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