Bharat Trailer: Salman Khan Starrer Seems To Possess A Lot Of Twists

It Is Hard To Predict The Story From The Trailer


The trailer for Salman Khan starrer Bharat has been out and the excitement can be predicted from the fact that it has reached 477K views in just 30 minutes. The drama film is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and it features, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Disha Patani, Tabu, Jackie Shroff and Sunil Grover in the key roles. The film is an official adaptation of the 2014 Korean film, An Ode To My Father. Now here let us take a look at the overview of the trailer.


A Journey With Lot Of Thrill In It

Bharat Trailer Salman Khan

Bharat trailer opens with the voice of old Bharat (Salman Khan) who tells that no one can predict how exciting life was when he was young. Then he starts telling the story of his journey. Initially, Salman was shown as a motorbike stuntman who seems to be having a lot of thrill in his life. Also, Disha Patani added the glamorous touch and she looked beautiful as ever. However, the lack of employment opportunities made Bharat swing his path. And, he starts working as labor where Katrina Kaif was an official with a higher rank. Bharat also tells how pleasant his life was at that time but a series of events changed everything.


Quite Unpredictable

Bharat Trailer Salman Khan

The trailer shows Salman Khan wearing the dress of a Navy Officer and sometimes he was shown working as a labor in the mines. This made the story quite unpredictable. However, it can be predicted that the story will have a lot of pivotal events and the protagonist will experience different character traits.



Bharat Trailer Salman Khan

The entire focus of the trailer was on Salman Khan and no doubt he looked great no matter what age his character had. Disha Patani looked gorgeous as ever. Apart from that Katrina Kaif looked great as an official, those slightly messy hairs added a bit to the Khadoos personality of her character when Bharat first met her. On top of that, Sunil Grover is here to add a comic appeal to the film.


Bharat Trailer

Do you know, Katrina Kaif was not the first choice for this role, you can check which actress was the first choice. It is hard to predict much after this trailer, this one also left us curious to know about the real story, so cannot wait for 5 June 2019 when the movie will hit the theatres. What do you say about Bharat trailer? Tell us in the comments.

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