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Bigg Boss 12, Day 12: Sreesanth Cannot Take It Anymore, He Decides To Quit

Romil And Nirmal Provoked Him

Bigg Boss 12, Day 12via

In the previous episode of Bigg Boss 12, we say how Jasleen Matharu showed affection to Anup Jalota. Apart from that, it was the luxury budget task that pushed the argument among the contestants to its limits. Shivashish got quite aggressive during the task. The Day 12 also holds a lot of drama and once again Sreesanth is standing at the door to quit the show.


Shrishty Rode Accused Romil For Hurting Her

At the end of day 11 we saw, the Jodi of Romil and Nirmal performed the task and ended up winning it. They had their moment of celebration but that turned into a nasty argument.


Day 12; A Verbal Brawl

Romil and Nirmal refused to admit that and they said that they have done nothing wrong. This led Romil and Shrishty into an argument. Nirmal jumped to the supporting side of his partner while the rest of the contestants were trying to calm them down. Sreesanth kept on shouting over the duo as the former Indian cricketer thinks the latter should accept their mistakes.


Once Again Sreesanth Is At The Door

Bigg Boss 12, Day 12

Sreesanth could not hold his temper and he stood against the duo of Romil and Nirmal. He often threatened to slap Romil. However, the rest of the contestants came to set down his rage. Sreesanth then went to the door and stated that he is going out of there as he does not want to live in a house where the other contestants are provoking him to slap them and get evicted.

Well, it seems like the main door is Sreesanth’s favorite place in the house as he has tried to quit the show multiple times. What will happen in tonight’s episode? Will the former Indian bowler hit Romil-Nirmal or will he quit the show? We will have the answer tonight.

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