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Bigg Boss 12, Day 6: First “Weekend Ka Vaar” And Salman Is Angry On Contestants

Salman Schooled Sreesanth For His 'Upbringing' Comment

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After a lot of drama and melancholy in the first five days of Bigg Boss 12, finally it is time for the first “Weekend Ka Vaar” of this season. It is time for Salman Khan to school the contestant for their immature behavior.  The contestants will face the wrath of Salman Khan on Day 6.


Day 6- Salman Khan Is Angry

In a promo video, Salman Khan said that it is the ninth Bigg Boss season for him and undoubtedly, it is the worst first week of them all. He pursued it further by saying that the contestants behaved in an immature way and no way will they survive in this game if they are creating unending havoc there.


Saba Khan Is The Troublemaker According To The Viewers

Bigg Boss 12, Day 6

According to the viewers, Saba Khan is the troublemaker inside the house; Saba broke out in tears and stood in the corner while rests of the contestants were sitting on the couch. Later, the housemates had to decide “the troublemaker of the week”.


Anup Jalota Was Sent To The Torture Room

The decision was not unanimous but in the end, Anup Jalota was named as the “Gunehgaar” and was sent to the torture room.


Salman Khan Scolded Sreesanth

In another video, Salman Khan was seen schooling Sreesanth who generated the most notorious controversy of the week by his “upbringing” comment. Salman said, “If you are using these words, you are taking a dig at their parents”. Sreesanth stuck to his action and he refused to take any advice. Furthermore, he was seen walking away from the couch and it was also mentioned that he may leave the show.

Well, undoubtedly, the first week of the season is dramatic. Shrishty Rode, Dipika Kakar, Somi Khan-Saba Khan, Shivashish Mishra-Sourabh Patel, Kriti Verma-Roshmi Banik are nominated this week while Karanveer Bohra, Romil Chaudhary, and Nirmal Singh were directly nominated for the next week. Who will be the first eviction of this season? The name will be revealed in tonight’s show. Satya tuned for further updates.

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