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Bigg Boss 17 Today’s Updates 18th October 2023: Check BB 17 Tasks And Fiery Nomination Details

"Bigg Boss 17 Drama Unfolds: Rashami Desai's Bold Take and Archana Gautam's Explosive Revelation"

Bigg Boss 17 18th October 2023

Bigg Boss 17 is off to a roaring start, and the drama is already reaching new heights. Former contestant Rashami Desai recently shared her thoughts on the contestants, applauding some and expressing concerns about others. This season of Bigg Boss 17 is continued with the legacy of Salman Khan as the host.


Rashami’s Favorites And Frustrations

In a recent social media post, Rashami Desai revealed her favorites from the current season of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss. She praised Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, Mannara Chopra, and Munawar Faruqui for their entertaining presence. However, the Udaariyaan actor Abhishek Kumar didn’t escape her critical eye. According to Rashami, Abhishek must grasp that each season of Bigg Boss brings a unique flavor. She pointed out her discomfort with what she perceives as Abhishek’s fake demeanor, especially during heated arguments. It seems Rashami isn’t afraid to voice her opinions, setting the stage for more intriguing dynamics within the Bigg Boss house.


Archana Gautam’s Allegations Shake Things Up

Bigg Boss 17 Day 2
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Fueling the fire, former Bigg Boss 16 contestant Archana Gautam made explosive claims against Abhishek Kumar. In a video shared on social media, she accused him of being untruthful about his relationship with Isha Malviya, his alleged ex-girlfriend. Archana minced no words, declaring Abhishek a “big liar” and implying that his portrayal on the show may not align with reality. She suggested that the audience is more perceptive than one might think and can see through strategic gameplay.


Vicky Jain’s Double Game Exposed

Meanwhile, inside the Bigg Boss house, another storm was brewing. Vicky Jain, part of the “Dil” category, faced accusations of playing a double game. The controversy arose when Vicky proposed that Abhishek Kumar replace Mannara Chopra in their room. Thus citing Abhishek’s wish to be in the “Dil” category with his alleged ex-girlfriend Isha Malviya. Mannara, unimpressed with the sudden turn of events, questioned Isha’s newfound affection for Abhishek. In a blunt confrontation, she asked Abhishek, “Don’t you think Isha’s boyfriend will have a problem with this whole thing?”. Mannara’s direct approach resonated with fans, making #MannaraChopra a top trend on social media.


Bigg Boss 17 Premiere

Bigg Boss 17 17th October 2023
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The seventeenth season of Bigg Boss, which premiered on October 15, has proven to be a rollercoaster of emotions and unexpected twists, with contestants like Mannara Chopra gaining favoritism for her straightforward attitude and others facing the heat from both fellow contestants. Therefore, the drawl only intensified for former Bigg Boss stars like Rashami Desai.


A Must-Watch Season

Bigg Boss 17 Day 2 Neil Aishwarya
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As Bigg Boss 17 unfolds, the audience is in for a treat with clashes, revelations, and unexpected alliances. Rashami Desai and Archana Gautam have thrown in their perspectives. Thus adding spice to an already intriguing season. Only time will tell whether Abhishek Kumar will address the allegations or if Vicky Jain’s double game will have consequences. One thing is for sure – Bigg Boss 17 is shaping up to be a must-watch season that promises entertainment, gossip, and drama in abundance. Tune in to Colors TV and JioCinema to catch all the action, Monday to Friday at 10 PM and Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM.

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