Mansion 24 Review: Ohmkar’s Horror Story Falls Short Of Thrills And Chills

Mansion 24 Review

A horror-thriller television series in Telugu is Mansion 24. The director is Ohmkar, while the writer is Mayukh Adithya. Meanwhile, it was produced by Ashwin Babu and Kalyan Chakravarthy under the Oak Entertainment banner. The lead role is Varalaxmi Sarathkumar. On October 17, 2023, the series was out on Disney+ Hotstar.


Mansion 24 Plot

Mansion 24 Plot

Amrutha works as an investigative journalist. An archaeologist, Kaalidas, her father, vanishes during an excavation. Meanwhile, the police and archaeology agencies think that Kaalidas fled with several priceless artifacts. The media also calls Kaalidas a traitor, which impacts Kaalidas’ wife’s health. Amrutha also decides to solve the mystery behind her father’s disappearance.

Mansion 24 Trailer

She learns that before going missing, Kaalidas paid a visit to an old mansion. Everyone advises Amrutha not to go to the mansion, saying whoever went there didn’t return. Nonetheless, Amrutha decides to take a chance and goes to that mansion. What was it that she saw there? How is her father doing? Did Amrutha try to solve the mystery? The focus of the series is this.


Mansion 24 Review

Mansion 24 Cast

This Indian horror series follows a familiar pattern, lacking the intense thrills and spine-tingling moments to truly captivate your full attention. Instead, it leans heavily on jump scares and well-worn horror tropes. It also marks filmmaker Ohmkar’s first foray into the world of OTT, where he continues experimenting within the horror genre.

Meanwhile, the series boasts a clever premise and effectively utilizes an episodic structure. Additionally, its standout element is, for sure, the Mansion 24’s cast. Each actor delivers a compelling performance that enriches the overall narrative. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, famous for her versatility, skillfully embodies the role of Amrutha. She also deftly conveys the character’s unwavering determination and vulnerability.

The supporting cast also contributes depth and authenticity to the storyline. It comes with a notable strength being the series’ willingness to delve into the psychological aspects of its characters. However, some viewers might notice occasional inconsistencies in the pacing. Furthermore, the sound design and cinematography can sometimes come across as overly emphasized.


Final Verdict

Mansion 24 Setting

Although the plot isn’t particularly original, it is somewhat presented engagingly. But in the end, it lacks the impact. Mansion 24 is, all things considered, a horror movie that mostly focuses on conventional horror aspects. A few subplots are impressive, but most don’t make an impression. We give this television show a 2.5-star rating.

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