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Jhanak 24th December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak Latest Episode Update

Anirudh questions Jhanak about her connection with Rohit at the beginning of today’s episode, which airs on December 24, 2023.  Anirudh questions why she fled with him if Rohit is the one she truly loves. She responds that her only relationship with Rohit is friendship. However, Anirudh still accuses Jhanak of using him, which shocks her. As a result, she demands that he kick her out of the house and out of his life. Anirudh awakens from this dream and lets out an agitated sigh.

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Ani Apologizes To Jhanak

Aniruddha Jhanak

When Anirudh returns to the terrace after realizing the entire conversation was a dream, he finds Jhanak standing there. She recalls how Anirudh had spoken to her before, making fun of her in front of his family. As a result, she stayed mute rather than speaking up.

After admitting that his prior conversation with Jhanak was inappropriate, Anirudh justifies himself. He further asks him to say something.  However, she states that she is at a loss for words. As a result of the silence, Anirudh announces the events planned for the 25th, which is Arshi’s birthday. He states that Jhanak must leave the house on the 26th.


Anirudh Upsets Jhanak

Aniruddha Jhanak

When Jhanak mentions leaving Shristi’s residence, Anirudh asks her where she’s going. He further remarks that he knew her intentions had already been decided upon. When she asks Anirudh what he means by it, Anirudh responds that he should have trusted the conversations the others had concerning her and her mother.

Anirudh’s statement triggers her because she cannot bear to hear negative things about her. She remarks that Anirudh shouldn’t be concerned about anything that occurs to her. Further, she expresses her disappointment with him and states that he is no different from those gossiping behind other people’s backs.

Anirudh doesn’t stop here and comments on how Jhanak had an affair with Rohit. As a result, Jhanak asks him to mind his business.


The Warning

Jhanak Tejas

She is then approached by Ani’s mother, who questions her about why she is there and why she is constantly suspiciously hovering around Anirudh. While Ani’s mother is still warning Anirudh that Jhanak is a gold digger, Jhanak claims she is poor but has a high moral character.

Tejesh, in the meantime, invites a villager to travel to Kolkata to locate Jhanak, who has run away with Bharat’s soon-to-be son-in-law. The man is asked by the people to keep quiet about what has transpired, as doing so will prevent him from returning.


Jhanak’s Birthday


Jhanak was serving food to Appu when Choton arrived and inquired whether Jhanak would be departing soon. After she says she’s going, Appu comes downstairs to check what other people have bought for Arshi’s birthday celebration.

When Jhanak remembers that it’s also her birthday and no one is there to wish her a happy birthday this year, Anirudh arranges a lavish celebration despite Jhanak’s heavy schedule.

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