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This Contestant Is Evicted In Mid-Week Elimination Just A Few Days Before Finale

A Complete Entertainer Inside The House

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It is the final week of Bigg Boss 11. We all know that Hina Khan, Puneesh Sharma, Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde and Akash Dadlani were the remaining contestants. This week Bigg Boss brought another twist which was a mid-week elimination. Just a few days before the finale, Akash Dadlani bids farewell to Bigg Boss.


Akash Dadlani Evicted In Mid Week Elimination

Mid-week elimination

There was no nomination process for this one as Bigg Boss has nominated all the contestants. The viewers voted to save their favorite contestant and it was revealed that Akash Dadlani received the least amount of votes. To conclude, Akash Dadlani has to bid farewell to Bigg Boss.


He Was A Complete Entertainer Inside The House

Mid week elimination

Akash Dadlani was a complete entertainer in the house. He was ill-tempered, stubborn and unpredictable hence it was always fun to watch him. Furthermore, he knew how to provoke someone and then get the best out of the situation. He always made an impact in the house that lasted long.


Akash Dadlani And Controversies

Mid week elimination

He was involved in many controversies. One of them was with Vikas Gupta when Vikas tried to kiss Akash on the lips. The controversy gained heat on social media and people demanded eviction for Vikas Gupta but he survived.


He Refused To Form Alliance

Mid week elimination

Another thing that makes us interested in Akash Dadlani is his mean behavior. Akash refused to form alliance inside the house. Therefore, it can be considered that he has come this far on his own.

We would like to thank Akash Dadlani for amusing us for all these weeks and wish him good luck in his life. What do you say about this mid-week elimination? Share your thoughts in the comments and thank Akash for being the entertainer in the house.

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