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Bigg Boss OTT 2 New Episode 7th July 2023 Voting Results: Housemates Face A Challenging Task

Bigg Boss OTT house brings excitement and tension as the housemates face a challenging task.

Bigg Boss OTT 2 28th June 2023

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2, which aired on July 7, 2023, the housemates woke up to an energetic song that got them grooving in the garden, shaking off their sleepiness. However, not everyone was quick to rise, as some sluggishly made their way to the bathroom. Contestants passionately plead their cases for the top spot, vying for audience approval.


Special Task Alert!

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Today's Episode

Amidst their morning routine, a buzzer echoed through the house, signaling a particular task announced by Bigg Boss. As the housemates gathered, Avinash Sachdev read the instructions aloud. The job required each contestant to rank their fellow housemates from 1 to 9 based on their perception of them. The rankings would be revealed to the housemates through a veil kept in the garden, displaying their positions according to the Janta’s votes. They would be rewarded if their personal rankings matched the audience’s rankings.


Falaq Naaz, The Fair Captain

Bigg Boss OTT 2 New Episode

The race for the top position intensified as Pooja Bhatt passionately argued for the first rank. She highlighted her strong opinions, claiming she never played the women’s card and didn’t compromise her beliefs. Pooja firmly believed she deserved the top spot and confidently stated she knew her fans well. Another contender for the coveted first rank was Falaq Naaz. She emphasized her fairness as a captain and her active participation in the house. Falaq made a strong case for herself, highlighting her contributions and asserting her suitability for the highest position.


Bigg Boss OTT 2 Audience Verdict

bigg boss ott 2 Manisha

While the episode didn’t disclose the final rankings, the audience eagerly awaited the verdict. As the housemates eagerly anticipated the unveiling of the veiled rankings, the tension in the house reached its peak, with the rankings holding significant sway over the contestants’ relationships and dynamics. Therefore it remains to be seen how the housemates will react to the audience’s perception of their behavior and actions.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2, where the rankings’ outcome will undoubtedly spark new controversies, alliances, and dramas within the house.

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