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Vijay TV Grants Pradeep Antony's Filmmaking Dream After 'Bigg Boss Tamil 7' Controversy

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 3rd October 2023

In a surprising turn of events following Pradeep Antony’s controversial eviction from ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7,’ Vijay TV has decided to pave a new path for the talented actor beyond the confines of the reality show. Known for his notable roles in films like ‘Aruvi,’ ‘Vaazhil,’ and ‘DaDa,’ Pradeep’s journey in the Bigg Boss house took an unexpected turn when he was shown the door with a red card amid allegations of being unsafe for women.

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The Red Card Debacle

Bigg Boss Tamil 7

The red card controversy stirred up a storm, with female contestants, led by Maya, claiming that Pradeep threatened women’s safety in the house. Host Kamal Haasan faced severe criticism for not allowing Pradeep the chance to explain himself, leading to a swift and seemingly unfair eviction. Pradeep hinted at a possible return to ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’ through a wild card, with negotiations reportedly in progress with producers Endemol Shine. However, the deal fell through as Pradeep insisted on the removal of two contestants via red cards for making false allegations against him.


Vijay TV’s Redemption Offer

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Episode

In an unexpected twist, Vijay TV has stepped up to offer Pradeep Antony a golden opportunity that surpasses his stint on ‘Bigg Boss.’ The channel’s sister concern, Disney Plus Hotstar, has extended an invitation for Pradeep to direct a web series—a dream the actor has harbored for a long time. Embracing this chance, Pradeep has already embarked on the scriptwriting journey.


From Controversy To Creativity

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Netizens who previously criticized Vijay TV for Pradeep’s controversial exit. They applaud the channel for providing him with a platform to fulfill his long-standing dream. The tables have turned, and Pradeep Antony is set to make digital waves with his directorial venture.


The Road Ahead

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Kamal Haasan

The ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7 saga may have taken an unexpected turn for Pradeep Antony. But it appears that Vijay TV has played a pivotal role in rewriting his story as he ventures into the world of web series direction. Thus, fans eagerly anticipate the creative endeavors unfolding in this exciting new chapter of Pradeep’s career. In the world of entertainment. Where controversies often overshadow talent, Pradeep’s journey stands as a testament to the unpredictable nature of the industry—a rollercoaster ride from eviction drama to the realization of a long-cherished filmmaking dream.

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