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Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Today’s Updates 21st October 2023: Check Wild Card Entry And This Week Nominations

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Set for Double Surprise with Two Wild Card Entries Next Week

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 5th October 2023

The seventh season of Bigg Boss Tamil has already set the stage on fire with its dynamic mix of contestants and unexpected twists. Hosted by the charismatic Kamal Haasan, the show witnessed the departure of Ananya and Bhava Chelanturai in the first weekend, narrowing down the competition to 16 contestants. With another elimination looming this weekend, the buzz around the show has reached a fever pitch.

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Double Trouble: Two Wild Card Entries Await

Bigg Boss Tamil 7

Traditionally, Bigg Boss Tamil introduces a wild card entry in the middle of the season. Or during the final weeks. However, breaking away from the norm, the upcoming week promises not one. But two wild card contestants to shake things up within the Bigg Boss house. Popular TV actress Archana is all set to make a grand entry into the show as a wild card contestant. Her arrival is expected to inject a fresh wave of energy and dynamics into the already intense atmosphere of the Bigg Boss house.

Joining Archana is none other than Tamil playback singer Bala Murugan, better known by his stage name Gana Bala. Renowned for his soulful renditions in Tamil cinema, Gana Bala’s presence is anticipated to add a musical twist to the drama unfolding within the Bigg Boss house.


Drama Unfolds: New Tasks And Ugly Fights

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Episode

In the latest episode, Cool Suresh found himself at the center of attention when Bigg Boss assigned him the task of determining Maya’s zodiac position. This seemingly innocent task quickly escalated into a heated argument between Cool Suresh and Maya, setting the stage for an intense showdown. Amidst the chaos, Bigg Boss unveiled a new task named “Curse Stone.” Housemates were tasked with selecting a contestant to be sent to the Small House and directly nominated for elimination. The decision saw Vichitra, Yugenthran, Nixen, Raveena, and others choosing Cool Suresh, leading to a fiery outburst from the beleaguered contestant.


Nominations Heat Up

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Logo

As the week progresses, the tension within the Bigg Boss house is palpable. The following contestants find themselves on the chopping block for this week’s elimination. Vichitra, Maya, Saravanan, Nixon, Pradeep, Poornima, Mani, Vinusha, Vijay, Aishu, and Akshaya. The uncertainty surrounding the elimination adds an extra layer of excitement for viewers eagerly awaiting the weekend episode.


A Rollercoaster Of Emotions Continues

Bigg Boss Tamil 7

With two wild card entries on the horizon and the drama escalating within the Bigg Boss house. Thus, fans are in for a treat in the upcoming weeks. The infusion of new personalities and the unfolding of unexpected tasks promise to keep the entertainment quotient soaring as the contestants brace themselves for the subsequent elimination. Therefore, the audience can only wait in anticipation. Thus, to see who survives the latest Bigg Boss Tamil saga twist. In a surprise turn of events, Cool Suresh’s fiery response to being nominated has set the stage for a showdown in the Small House. As tensions run high and alliances are tested. Thus, the dynamics among the contestants are undergoing a seismic shift.

With the weekend approaching, viewers can expect a rollercoaster of emotions as the drama unfolds not only in the main house. But also in the smaller confines of the recently introduced Small House. The upcoming episodes are poised to be a spectacle of strategy, clashes, and unexpected twists. Thus keeping fans on the edge of their seats in this nail-biting season of Bigg Boss Tamil.

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