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New Bigg Boss Task Seems Immensely Hilarious, It Will Bring Fun Inside The House

Does Priyank Successfully Complete The Task?

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Day after day Bigg Boss is coming up with new quirky tasks. We have seen the comedy competition which was utterly hilarious: you can check the promo here. “COLORS TV” has released the new promo and this time the Luxury budget took us towards a new Bigg Boss task which seems as entertaining as the previous one was.


New Bigg Boss Task

Bigg Boss Task

In this task, Bigg Boss will name a contestant and the other contestants have to ignore the chosen one completely. The chosen contestant would speak or use sign language to make his/her presence felt. However, the other contestants would not react to them.


Certain Rules

Bigg Boss Task

Pursuing the further, if the contestants would close their eyes, would face away, or move away from the contestant would be considered as a reaction and the contestant who they are ignoring will be successful in the task.


Hina Khan Was First To Perform

Bigg Boss Task

The first performer of the task was Hina Khan. Everyone started ignoring Hina Khan. On the other hand, Hina had a plan up her sleeve. She targeted Akash Dadlani who is arguably the most hyper contestant inside the house. She was chronically disturbing Akash. In response, Akash flashed a smile but managed to keep the silence and that made Hina target Luv Tyagi but no reaction was seen by Tyagi in the promo.


Does Priyank Sharma Get Success?

Bigg Boss Task

Priyank Sharma was the second contestant who was seen disturbing the contestants in order to get a reaction out of them. Likewise, Hina Khan, he targeted Akash Dadlani but it seems like he got success in getting the desired outcome. In a scene, Akash was seen responding to Priyank when he took his clothes and said that he was going to wear that.

The promo ended while Priyank was seen doing weird things to grab success in the task. You can check the full promo here.

The new Bigg Boss task seems immensely entertaining, what do you say? Share in the comments.

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