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Bandagi Kalra Gave A Romantic Present To Puneesh Sharma On His Birthday

Her Present Turned Puneesh Into The Happiest Person On The Planet

Bandagi Kalravia

During her stay in the house of Bigg Boss, Bandagi Kalra grabbed the attention of the audience. She developed a romantic chemistry with her housemate Puneesh Sharma. The romantic bond was not hidden from anyone. Hence, that became a talk of the town.


Almost No Possibility For Romance Inside The House Now

Bandagi Kalra

We all know that Bandagi Kalra was eliminated from the show earlier this month but she made a return to the house as one of the “padosis” in the task name “Ghar Aaye Gharwale”. Although, both Puneesh and Bandagi are inside the house of Bigg Boss,, still there are no possibilities for the couple to engage in a romantic activity.


Puneesh’s Birthday

Bandagi Kalra

However, Bandagi Kalra got an opportunity to make her bond deeper with Puneesh Sharma and she makes the best out of the opportunity. The occasion was Puneesh’s birthday which was celebrated by all the contestants of the show. However, Bandagi had the desire to do something special for Puneesh and she decided to make a self-designed present.


Bandagi Kalra Made A Romantic Present For Punish

Bandagi Kalra

She used the help of other members of the team “Padosis”. Using bread, butter, and biscuit, she made a smiley in the shape of a heart and used the bread to frame the words “I Love You”. Now, it was hard to convince Bigg Boss and after a brief appeal, the hard convincing part was done. They delivered the present to Puneesh.


Puneesh Became The Happiest Person On The Planet

Bandagi Kalra

Receiving the present, Puneesh became the happiest person on the planet. Moreover, he felt quite lucky. Clearly, Bandagi Kalra has shown her affection for Punish arguably the best possible way. Pursuing this further she has strengthened her relationship with Punish.

It is certain that Bigg Bogg will put the relationship to the test and we hope Puneesh and Bandagi are ready for it. What do you say? Will their relationship be tested inside the house? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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