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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Today’s Episode 30th September 2023: Check Elimination Details

Drama Unleashed: Bigg Boss 7 House in Turmoil Over Power Astra Battle

Bigg Boss Telugu 30th September 2023

In the latest Bigg Boss episode, the house witnessed fierce competition for the coveted Power Astra, granting two weeks of immunity. Prince Yavar, Subhasree, and Pallavi Prashanth engaged in a gripping task, leading to an unexpected victory for Prashanth. However, Rathika found it hard to accept this reality.

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Verbal Attacks And Unsuccessful Disturbances

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Participants

The task required contestants to cling onto the Power Astra, facing elimination if they let go. Rathika and Amardeep attempted to disturb Prashanth’s focus to eliminate him. Despite personal verbal attacks, Prashanth held his ground, showcasing remarkable composure. Rathika’s persistent efforts ended in failure, with Prashanth emerging as the fourth Power Astra winner, securing safety for the next two weeks.


Eliminations And House Dynamics

Kiran Rathore, Shakeela, and Damini bid adieu in the eviction realm, leaving 11 housemates in contention. Speculation surrounds Rathika’s fate as a potential candidate for elimination.


Gala Task Drama Unfolds

The day they commenced with the continuation of the gala party task, where contestants aimed to become the third contender for Power Astra. Creativity was the key, and housemates left no stone unturned. Subhasree stole the limelight with her humorous portrayal of a “Roti maker,” while Gowtham embraced the persona of “G-man,” a Superman parody. Amar’s half-female, half-male outfit and Rathika’s Sardarji avatar added spice to the performances, leaving judges in a dilemma.


Judges’ Dilemma And Emotional Outbursts

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Updates

Judges Sandeep and Shobha favored Amar, while Shivaji championed Subhasree. Amar, dissatisfied with the decision, demanded justification from the judges. Emotions ran high as he accused Shivaji of bias, almost to the point of tears. After heated exchanges, Shubhasree emerged as the winner. Rathika later clashed with Shivaji over his decision, adding to the escalating tensions.


Shivaji’s Drastic Decision

Frustrated with conflicts, Shivaji took a bold step, expressing his desire to be eliminated this week. This unexpected move added another layer of complexity to the already charged house dynamics. The repercussions of the gala task continued throughout the day, with housemates passionately discussing, arguing, or expressing support for the judges’ judgment.


Unpredictable Twists And Turns

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Nagarjuna

As the drama unfolds in Bigg Boss 7, viewers are left on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next twist. With Rathika’s potential elimination, Shivaji’s drastic decision, and the aftermath of the intense gala task, the house remains a battleground of emotions and conflicts. Stay tuned for more updates on the rollercoaster ride that is Bigg Boss 7!


Unraveling Mysteries

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Host

With tensions escalating and alliances shifting, the Bigg Boss Telugu house is becoming a hotbed of mysteries and revelations. The unexpected twist of Shivaji’s desire to exit the game raises questions about the dynamics within the house. As viewers eagerly await the next episode, the power dynamics and emotional rollercoaster seem poised to take unpredictable turns. Rathika’s potential elimination and the aftermath of the gala task keep audiences hooked, proving that Bigg Boss 7 is an unexpected and thrilling reality show where every moment counts. Buckle up for more surprises, as the drama inside the house shows no signs of simmering down.

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