Bipasha Basu Gets Emotional As She Talks About Her Daughter Devi’s Open Heart Surgery

Bipasha Basu Daughter Devi Surgery

November 12, 2022, Bollywood celebrities Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover welcomed Devi, their first child. The parents have shared joyous and upbeat movies and pictures with their little angels ever since. Bipasha, however, recently disclosed her daughter’s covert health struggle. Keep reading to know more about the story.


In Conversation With Neha Dhupia


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Bipasha and Neha Dhupia had a lengthy conversation about motherhood on Saturday. During the conversation, Basu described the couple’s challenging first few months as parents after the birth of Devi. She continued by saying that three days after Devi’s birth, the couple was informed by physicians that she had two holes in her heart.

During an Instagram Live interview, Bipasha broke down in tears while speaking with actress Neha Dhupia as she revealed that her daughter had open heart surgery when she was just three months old.

We didn’t even know what a VSD (ventricular septal defect) was, said Basu, wiping away tears. We experienced a tumultuous time. Moreover, we didn’t talk about this with our family because we were both a little bit disoriented. Me and Karan wanted to rejoice, but we were both feeling a little numb. We’ve had an extremely rough first five months. Devi, though, has excelled from the start.


A Heartbreaking Procedure

Bipasha Basu Daughter Devi

A tearful Bipasha spoke candidly about Devi’s procedure, stating, “You feel so sorry, burdened, and conflicted because how can you put such a little child in open heart surgery?” Bipasha said,

“It didn’t happen the first time we ran the scan. It didn’t the next month. When we traveled for the third month, I had essentially finished my study, spoken to surgeons and medical professionals, and visited hospitals.”

She continued,

“It is the toughest thing to have your little child and have these 10 doctors explain to you what can happen. Devi had a very successful operation, but those 6 hours when she was in the OT, my life felt like it stopped.”


How Bipasha Basu Dealt With The Process


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In addition, Basu provided an update on Devi’s health, stating that she is currently quite active.” Yes, she has a scar on her chest, and it’s her badge of honor. Knowing she’s my daughter, she would flaunt it and wear low cleavage,”

Bipasha continued by saying she had to be brave because her husband Karan was unprepared for her daughter’s heart operation. “I knew she had to be okay. I knew she would be okay. And today, she is okay. It was about getting the operation done at the right time, right place.”

While working on their first movie together, Bhushan Patel’s 2015 horror flick Alone, Bipasha and Karan fell in love. They wed in Mumbai in April 2016 and welcomed their daughter Devi in November of the previous year.

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