Bollywood Actors Who Underwent Cosmetic Surgeries To Look Better

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6. Kapil Sharma – Hair Transplant

Kapil Sharma Hair Transplant

Kapil Sharma, the comedian-singer-producer and host of India’s no.1 comedy show, Comedy Nights With Kapil, has most probably got a hair transplant done or he is currently been sporting a wig. Yes, believe it or not, the talented stand-up comedian’s hairline definitely is different in his pictures taken a while ago when compared to the latest photos from the show.


7. Akshay Kumar – Hair Transplant

Akshay Kumar Hair Transplant

Akshay flaunted a cropped haircut for a very long time after his hair woes began in his 40s. He was even accused of wearing wigs but it is said that the actor ultimately had to opt for FUT.


8. Sanjay Dutt – Hair Transplant

Sanjay Dutt Hair Transplant

There was a time when the actor was suffering from baldness badly. To cure the problem, he underwent a strip procedure many years back in the USA.


9. Dharmendra – Hair Transplant

Dharmendra Hair Transplant

Yesteryear’s famous actor, Dharmendra seems to have not taken aging too well. The difference in his pictures after his botox treatment is clearly visible.


10. Amitabh Bachchan – Hair Transplant

Amitabh Bachchan Hair Transplant Cosmetic surgeries

Going by his photos when he took a break from the acting, you can see it is clearly visible. You’ll see that he had fairly wispy hair and was thin. At the time of Mrityudaata, the bald patches were visible too. With the Mrityudaata, Big started wearing a wig but it didn’t suit the actor till he went for another one in Baghbaan and other movies.


11. Shahrukh Khan – Botox Injection

Shahrukh Khan Botox Injection

Christened by the Los Angeles Times as the ‘world’s biggest movie star’, the journey for this actor was never a walk in the park. He has undergone surgeries a couple of times for Botox and other cosmetic surgeries and treatments as well. He owns a perfect crease line now.

With hair loss transplant and other cosmetic surgical procedures becoming so common and fuss-free, there’s no surprise that celebrities are increasingly and openly resorting to these procedures. Well, it’s any day better than accepting baldness as the way of life.Lack of sleep, working round the clock, no proper diet etc are the reasons for hair loss among celebrities!

Not only Bollywood actors and actress go for cosmetic surgeries, even television actress also go for all these cosmetic surgeries and treatments to look beautiful. You will be surprised to see the transformation on many television actresses when they started their career and now how they look.

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