Popular Bollywood Celebs Who Share Bad Relationship With Their Family

Sometimes The Mutual Understanding Gets Disturbed Between Family Members

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Whenever we are surrounded by problems we seek for the help from our family. The family always struggles together and also run through the tough time together. However, not everyone is lucky enough to get the support of his/her family. There are many celebrities who share a bad relationship with the family. Let us look through the list of such Bollywood celebs and the reasons behind their bad relationship.


1. Prateik Babbar

Bad Relationship

Prateik is the son o Raj Babbar and Smita Patil. In an interview, Prateik told that his father never supported him and he used to stay busy with his other family when he desired love, sympathy, and support from him. To conclude, there was a time when Prateik dropped his last name.


2. Asha Bhosle

Bad Relationship

In an interview, Asha told that her sister Lata never wanted her to marry Ganpatrao Bhosle. However, Asha eloped with Ganpatrao before marrying him. This act of Asha disturbed her relationship with Lata.


3. Amitabh Bachchan

Bad Relationship

The things are not favorable between Amitabh and his younger brother Ajitabh. The reason behind this bad relationship is unknown but Ajitabh avoids most of the family functions of Amitabh Bachchan.

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