Popular Bollywood Celebs Who Share Bad Relationship With Their Family

Sometimes The Mutual Understanding Gets Disturbed Between Family Members

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7. Kangana Ranaut

Bad Relationship

Kangana’s family opposed her decision of working in films. However, Kangana did not let her family stop and went over her father’s desire. Since that day she is sharing bad blood with her father. In a controversial statement, she told that she was painful for her parents and no parents would want a child like her.


8. Aamir Khan

Bad Relationship

Aamir Khan and his younger brother Faisal Khan was seen together in the movie “Mela”. In the movie, they played the best friends. However, in real life the situation is different. Faisal Khan accused Aamir Khan of keeping him locked up in the house and forced him to take medications.


9. Rekha

Bad Relationship

Rekha never had the pleasing relationship with her mother. According to reports, her mother, Gemini Ganeshan refused to accept her as her daughter.


10. Sunny Deol And Bobby Deol

Bad Relationship

There are many Bollywood movies which feature the bromance between Sunny and Bobby Deol. However, there was a time when the brothers did not want to see each other.

There are chances that the mutual understanding doesn’t work between the family members. However, at the end of the day, family comes first. What do you say? Share your thoughts.

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