Bollywood Celebrities And Their Carbon Copy Siblings – #9 Is Amusing

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6. Raju Kher And Anupam Kher

Anupam and Brother

Anupam Kher is considered among the finest actors of Bollywood, he has given Bollywood hit films like ‘Saaransh’, ‘A Wednesday’, and much more. Raju Kher also stepped into Bollywood, but couldn’t manage to impress many. Both are part of the industry.


7. Shilpa Shetty And Shamita Shetty

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa and Shamita are two well-known South Indian beauties in Bollywood. They both have a successful career in the industry. Added to this, they are also famous for their skills in dancing.


8. Rahul Roy And Rohit Roy

Celeb siblings

Rahul Roy is an Indian film actor and producer. He is also a former model. The star made his debut in the leading role in Mukesh Bhatt’s ‘Aashiqui’ which was a blockbuster. His brother, Rohit Roy is an absolute duplicate of him. Rohit and Rahul are twins. Rohit has however not worked in Bollywood.


9. Kangana Ranaut And Rangoli Ranaut


The beautiful Kangana Ranaut has a younger sister Rangoli who looks quite similar, but unfortunately, she fell prey to an acid attack some years back. Although, after quite many surgeries, Rangoli Ranaut seems to be doing fine now and Kangana is very protective of her sister.


10. Sanjay And Priya Dutt

siblings celebs

Sharing genes from their mother, Nargis, the star siblings quite resemble each other. Can you tell the difference? There is very little!

These star siblings look like photocopies of each other. But the resemblance is uncanny! Do you know about these actor  siblings are set to debut? Check it out

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