Bollywood Stepmoms Who Share Small Age Gap With Their Stepchildren

Pooja Bedi's Stepmother Is Younger Than Her

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There are many celebrities whose marriages failed. They decided to find love again and ended up marrying second times. However, in many cases, their second wife shares small age gap with the children of their first wives. Today we have compiled a list of the celebrities who share small age gap with their stepchildren.


1. Hema Malini & Sunny Deol

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Hema Malini is the second wife of Dharmendra. She is the stepmother of Sunny Deol but a surprising fact about her is that she is just 8-years older than Sunny. Hema is 69-years-old while Sunny is 61-year-old.


2. Soni Razdan and Pooja Bhatt

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Mahesh Bhatt’s first wife was Kiran Bhatt whom he met when he was a student. Mahesh and Kiran had two children (Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt) before their marriage ended. Later on, Mahesh fell in love with the actress Soni Razdan. They both married and Soni happened to be 16 years older than her stepdaughter Pooja Bhatt.


3. Parveen Dusanj and Pooja Bedi

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Kabir Bedi married 4 times. Back in 2016 he married Parveen Dusanj and made her his fourth wife. There is a huge age difference between Kabir and Parveen. Another surprising fact is that Parveen (42) is 5-years younger than her stepdaughter Pooja (47).

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