Commando Series Review: An Action Series With A Predictable Script

Commando Series Review

Unveiling its intrigue, the murder-mystery web series, Commando, made its first appearance on the Disney Plus Hotstar streaming platform. It was out on August 11, 2023. Additionally, noteworthy performances by Prem Parrijaa and Adah Sharma further enhance the narrative. Commando weaves the narrative of a forward-thinking hero. It also delves into his journey of courage, devotion to the nation, and bonds of companionship. Sunshine Pictures, a company by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, is the series Commando’s producer. Vipul is the series director and creator in addition.


Commando Series Plot

Commando Series Review

Present in the heart of the Commando Series, a covert operation within Pakistan takes a surprising detour. Concurrently, Kshitij, a confidant of the protagonist, becomes ensnared in his own predicament. This catalyzes Commando Virat into embarking on a dangerous quest to extricate his friend from jeopardy’s grasp. Meanwhile, as the storyline unfolds, the already taut India-Pakistan relations are increasing, adding another layer of intensity.

In a race against time, Virat must wield swift action under the gaze of the global stage to ensure his friend’s safety. Furthermore, a meticulous rescue operation takes shape as a testament to Virat’s unyielding determination, tactical acumen, and the adversities he confronts. The crux revolves around Virat’s dual pledge: shielding his comrade and safeguarding his nation’s global reputation. It is also a formidable challenge that paints the canvas of this gripping action saga.


Commando Series Review

Commando Series

The Commando television series emerges as an expansive evolution of Vidyut Jammwal’s theatrical saga, effectively translating the familiar storyline with a fresh ensemble. Stepping into the lead’s shoes, actor Parija adeptly navigates the action sequences. Additionally, he seamlessly blends physical prowess with a charismatic screen presence. His portrayal not only impresses in the kinetic moments but also delves into the intricate emotional tapestry of his character. It is a canvas of inner turmoil, unyielding determination, and a profound sense of duty.

Meanwhile, Adah Sharma reprises her role as Bhavna Reddy, infusing her character with the same fervor that propels her in previous iterations. Her prowess in action sequences remains a standout, adding another layer of dynamism to the series. Regrettably, the latent potential of performers like Amit Sial is left as a disappointing aspect that leaves a void. Stepping back, it’s worth acknowledging the creators’ aspiration to conceive an entire show.

However, the concept appears to lack the spark of originality. One saving grace is the series’ length, permitting a more comprehensive exploration of the narrative. However, there are instances where certain situations tend to elongate beyond their optimal duration, slightly hindering the pacing. Nonetheless, the series manages to probe profound inquiries about dedication, altruism, and loyalty, sparking contemplation amidst the action theatrics. This juxtaposition of these sequences and thought-provoking themes grants the show its unique essence, even within a familiar screenplay.


Final Verdict

Commando Web Series

If you’re looking for something light and entertaining, the Commando series on Hotstar is a good choice. Meanwhile, predictability is a significant element that severely hurts the series. Therefore, it appears to be little more than a checklist to complete ahead of a lengthy national weekend. We give the series 2.5 stars out of 5.

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