Cook With Comali (CWC) 4 Elimination 11th June 2023, Sunday Episode: Preview And Spoilers

Cook With Comali 4 11th June 2023

Cook with Comali, the much-awaited reality cooking program, has returned for a fourth season on Vijay TV. With a three-year success record, it has been brought back for season four to provide spectators with a distinctive cooking demonstration of pleasure. This enthralls viewers with fierce competition and unexpected turns. Manimegalai and Rakshan, the hosts, welcome everyone to the event at the outset.

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Cook with Comali 4 Written Update, 11th June 2023

Cook With Comali 4 Today's Elimination
Vijay Television

Manimegalai and Rakshan, the hosts, welcome everyone to the Cook With Comali at the outset. Elimination Week, they declare it.

The “Non-match combo challenge” is the basis for the main cooking.

Andrean – Foot yam.

Vichithra – Beetroot.

Shristi – Snake Goard

Mime Gopi – Raw banana.

Kiran – Foot yam.

The puzzling problem is what makes this major cooking challenge difficult. Cooks and Comali are required to wear the puzzles while working together as a team. For changing his ingredient, Kureishi criticizes Kiran. While Sivaangi likes to have fun on the enormous wheel. And GP Muthtu and Shristi are reluctant to spin the wheel.


Actor Guests On The Show

Cook With Comali 4 Elimination
Vijay Television

As part of the film “Por Thozhil” promotional activities, actors Ashok Selvan and Sarathkumar join the program. They talk about their experience making the movie.

Shristi- Kendatta (Amazing cooking)

Kiran – Karunaikilangu nest kothavaranga prawn (Good one)

Mime Gopi – Vaalakka taco with vendakka filling (Excellent cooking)

Andrean – Chicken fry duffin with kotthavaranga chutney.(Good one)

Vichithra – Colocasia stuffed snake gourd roulette. (Good one).


Chef Of The Week

Shristi and GP Muthu are the week’s chefs. Shristi is the second cook to enter the top 5 in Cook with Comali 4. The third cook to enter the top 5 in CWC 4 is Mime Gopi.



Cook With Comali 4 Today's Episode
Vijay Television

Joining the cook-off for elimination are Kiran and Andrean. The elimination for the cook-off is focused on jackfruit. Monisha and GP Muthu implore the cooker’s whistle to be blown soon.

Kiran – BBQ baby jackfruit (Good cooking)

Andrean – Jackfruit custard (Good one)

The current Cook with Comali season 4 episode shows Andrean’s elimination.


Cook With Comali 4 11th June 2023 Promo


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