10 Questions That Are Attributed With The Death Mystery Of Sridevi, That Are Still Unanswered

10 Questions That Are Attribute With The Death Mystery Of Sridevi, That Are Still Unanswered

It Is Still Unexplained Why Boney Kapoor Left Sridevi Alone In Dubai

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6. Why Boney Kapoor Left Sridevi In Dubai?


According to the sources, Sridevi along with her family went to Dubai to attend her nephew’s marriage in Dubai. However, Boney Kapoor left Sridevi in Dubai and returned alone after the marriage. Pursuing this further, he went back to Dubai to give a surprise to Sridevi.


7. Boney Kapoor Called His Friend Not Doctors

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In the investigation, it was found that knowing about the accident; Boney Kapoor called his friend not the doctors.


8. Why They Kept The News Of Her Death Secret From Public For 3 Hours

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Sridevi was one of the most popular Bollywood celebrities; the news of her death should not be kept as a secret. According to the reports, she died at 9 pm but the news was shared after the midnight.


9. Statement Of The Hotel Staff


The hotel staff made a statement which is slightly different. According to the reports she died at 9 Pm but according to the staff she ordered water in her room at 10.30 pm. The server took water to her room but no one opened the door. In the suspicion, he rang the alarm. They break the door and found that she was lying on the floor and she was showing some vital signs. It was 11 pm on the clock.


10. If She Wanted Her Sister’s Company, Why She Stayed In Her Room For 48 Hours?


It was told that she wanted to spend some time with her sister hence she stayed in Dubai. However, according to the media reports, she stayed in her hotel room for last 2 days.

Admittedly, these questions are unanswered and no doubt, her death mystery is quite complex now. What do you say about the death mystery? Share your thoughts.

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