Check Out How Dia Mirza Reacted When Sanju Revealed That He Has Slept With 350 Women

She Was Not Surprised On-Screen As Her Character Was Aware Of It

Dia Mirza On Sanjay Duttvia

The upcoming biopic Sanju will feature the roller-coaster life of Sanjay Dutt. The makers of the movie are trying to reveal most of the controversial events of the actor. Recently, Dia Mirza told that she was shocked after hearing that Sanju has slept with 350 women.


She Wasn’t Surprised On – Screen

Dia Mirza On Sanjay Dutt

Furthermore, In the trailer of the movie where Anushka Sharma asked Sanju (Ranbir Singh) how many women he has slept with. Sanju revealed that he slept with 350 women. Dia Mirza who was playing the role of Maanayata Dutt in the movie doesn’t seem surprised in the scene. However, in the reality, she reacted differently.


Dia Mirza Told That She Was Shocked In Realty

Dia Mirza On Sanjay Dutt

In a recent interaction with the media, Dia Mirza told that she was shocked when the scene was discussed with her. She said,

“I was shocked and thought if this was humanly possible. I was like, half the country’s men will get a complex after this! The society is so judgmental that if you confess to having more than one girlfriend or boyfriend, eyebrows are raised — imagine confessing to 308 girlfriends! But that’s Sanju. That is his unique quality; he is candid about himself even if the answer is socially unacceptable.”


The First Thing She Asked

Dia Mirza On Sanjay Dutt

Furthermore, When the scene was discussed, Dia has only one question in mind. She further said,

“When Raju explained the scene to me, the first thing I asked him was if Maanayata knew about it. And he said, ‘Absolutely’. That’s the reason you don’t see my shocked expression. She knows it and chooses him; she doesn’t judge him. Whatever Ranbir is revealing to Anushka in the scene or elsewhere in the movie, Maanyata is aware of. That is the most amazing thing about this relationship. It is free of judgment. As his wife, she knows everything.”

In addition, The film encompasses a lot of hidden secrets about the controversial life of Sanjay Dutt. It will be released on 29 June 2018. Are you excited for this one? Share in the comments.

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