Most Expensive TV Shows Ever Made – You Will Be Surprised By Show #1

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Serials and TV Shows don’t have the budget as big as movies but they do have huge budgets as a well neat storyline to go along with them. In order to make such grand and eye-popping TV show and series to attract audiences in the masses, the produces definitely has to shell out a few bucks. Take a look at the most costliest TV series.


10. Sea Patrol

Sea Patrol Tv Show

The Australian TV series ‘Sea Patrol earns about $1 million per episode! It had a successful run for five seasons featuring the fictional Royal Australian patrol boat and its crew. The story revolves around legal issues faced by the Australian navy in its waters, including illegal fishing, asylum seekers, and criminal engagements.


9. Father Of The Pride

Father of the pride tv show

This story about a family of lions with a Las Vegas show for a living didn’t just click with the viewers. A total of 1.6 million USD was spent on each episode of this show which eventually flopped.


8. ER

ER tv show

Michael Crichton had the ER plot in his head since his medical residency days in the seventies. After, collaborating with Steven Spielberg in Jurassic Park that the story was fleshed out. A total of $2 million is spent on every episode.


7. X Factor USA

X Factor USA Show

Ever notice Simon Cowell being a little edgier in X-Factor than in American Idol? To make the show a little different, the X features aspiring solo and group music artists. He created X following his success, or his newfound fame, mainly thanks to his sharp commentaries in Idol. $3.5 million was being shelled out per episode.


6. Terra Nova

Terra Nova TV Show

Terra follows a family that left a dying future earth to settle in past earth along with a handful of pioneer settlers. The series ran for one season, from September to December of 2011 and it cost $3.9 million to make an episode.

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