Most Expensive TV Shows Ever Made – You Will Be Surprised By Show #1

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5. Lost

Lost TV Show

The series set off a resurgent trend in the early 2000s towards sci-fi plots reminiscent of Buck Rogers and Space 1999 mixed with a Twilight Zone flavor. The series produced 121 episodes or six seasons costing them up to $4 million per episode. It was so popular and was the inspiration behind similar thematic series including Flashforward and The Event.


4. Deadwood

Deadwood TV Show

The western is back and gone again. Deadwood had a critically acclaimed successful three seasons from March 2004 to August 2006. The plot took us back to the nineteenth-century Dakota Territory and weaved together fictional and historical figures like Seth Bullock, Wild Bill Hickok, and Calamity Jane. This cost for making each episode is $4.5 million per episode.


3. Game of Thrones

Game Of Thrones TV Show

It has the making of a fully fledged film. Based on George R.R. Martin’s trilogy, with 275 actors, an elaborate medieval set, weaponry and costumes, and a pan-European on-location shooting sites, such as in Croatia, Ireland and Malta, Game of Thrones easily made it to the top three most expensive TV series ever costing $6 million per episode.


2. Rome

Rome TV Show

The tale of Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo is told with the Roman Empire as a backdrop. The show gained huge positive reviews and ratings, which caused the studio bosses to talk about a movie version in 2008. We’re still waiting for the rise of Rome once more.


1. Friends

Friends TV Show

The riot group of city buddies Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross carried the day, or to be exact, ten years of successful Friends season runs (and until now, reruns) from September 1994 to May 2004. It’s a critical darling, a resounding commercial success, and a cultural icon of its time.

There you go, guys. Those were the most expensive Tv Shows ever made. Have you watched at least some of them? Anyways regardless of the price, it takes to make them they sure do entertain us a lot and keep the audience engaged and satisfied. You guys must surely miss a few series from your childhood which are no more. Well, have a look at these 90’s shows which will bring back childhood memories.

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