Gauraiya Live Movie Review: Omkar Das And Ada Singh Shine In This Captivating Tale Of Survival

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On the occasion of Eid, there are multiple movie releases. The hype of Bade Miyan Chote Miyan and Maidaan is not hidden from anyone. Another movie that can grab your attention is Gauraiya Live. It is a Hindi Language drama film. The director of the movie is Gabriel Vats, and the producers are Rahul Rangare, Doctor Nishant Jain, Rohit Raj Singh Chouhan, and Rajeev Jain. They produce it under the banners of Rare Films and Tea & Poetry Films. Additionally, the movie stars Ada Singh, Omkar Das, Seema Saini, Narendra Khatri, and Pankaj Jha in the lead roles. It also stars Shagufta Ali and Vinay Jha.


Gauraiya Live Movie Story

Gauraiya Live Cast

Gauraiya Live is a movie set up in the busy city of Bhopal. Rampal is a laborer who has dreams of giving a better life to his daughter, Gauraiya. However, fate had something else to offer. In a shocking twist in the narrative, Gauraiya falls into a borewell. There was panic all around as Rampal cried for help. Meanwhile, in another heartbreaking scene, Gauraiya’s elder sister’s marriage also faces issues of dowry demands.

Gauraiya didn’t lose hope for several hours, even in the suffocating environment. Additionally, Sapna’s and Gauraiya’s stories, though different, had the resilience and the unbreakable bond of sisters. What happens further, makes up for the narrative of the movie.


Gauraiya Live Movie Review

Gauraiya Live Movie

Gauraiya Live is a movie that beautifully captures the importance of hope and familial bonds. This will surely make you feel connected, especially during the emotional scenes. Director Gabriel Vats has done a fine job by directing a movie that celebrates the human spirit. Moreover, the narrative by Seema Saini will keep you glued to the screens throughout the runtime of the movie. The screenplay is good, and the dialogue is attention-grabbing. However, at certain times, the pacing of the movie seems slow, and a few scenes seem to be dragged and could have been trimmed.

Omkar Das Manikpuri, who plays the pivotal role of Rampal, does justice to the role. Every scene depicting him makes you feel a strong connection with the character.

Gauraiya Live Trailer

In the role of Gauraiya, Ada Singh also did a fine job. Her overall performance in the movie is brilliant. Pankaj Jha is another character in the film who perfectly handles his role. Seema Saini and Narendra Khatri give their best in their respective roles. Other supporting actors have been good, including Vinay Jha, Ganesh Singh, Balram Ojha, and Alok Chatterji.


Final Verdict

Gauraiya Live Plot

Gauraiya Live is a captivating tale about a poor laborer and his two daughters. Although they are stuck on different issues, they never lose hope. The movie has a few flaws, but the emotions and narrative keep you engaged. We give Gauraiya Live 3.5 stars out of 5.

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