Ameena Movie Review: Rekha Rana Does An Exceptional Job In This Social Drama

Ameeena Movie Review

Ameena is a Hindi-language social drama movie that deals with a very sensitive yet important issue. Kumar Raj is the director and producer of the movie. Additionally, the movie stars Rekha Rana, Anant Mahadevan, and Utkarsh Kohli in the lead roles. Apart from them, Kumar Raj himself is also a part of the cast.


Ameena Movie Story

Ameena Movie Rekha Rana

Ameena is a movie based on the true story of two teenagers, Ameena and Meena. It revolves around how they go through similar situations and how they deal with them in their own ways. The lead character, Meena, is a present-day actress who plays the role of an innocent teenager named Ameena in a play at a theatre called “Yahan Ameena Bikti Hai.”

Additionally, the play is about Ameena who is sold by her parents to an Arab for money. Moreover, as Meena plays the role of Ameena, she also resonates with her feelings. What happens further, makes up the story of the movie.


Ameena Movie Review

Ameena Movie Plot

The movie Ameena has a very interesting and sensitive premise and an excellent ensemble. Both of these together seem very fascinating. Anant Mahadevan as Aftab Hasnain did an excellent job. His dialogue delivery, along with the expressions, will surely be remembered for a long. Additionally, Rekha Rana plays the dual role of Ameena and Meena and is the lead actress in the movie. Her exceptional performance in handling such a sensitive subject is praiseworthy.

Ameena Movie Cast

Moreover, Utkarsh Kohli, as Ashish Shrivastav, also brilliantly handles his role. The narrative resonates with themes of courage and perseverance. Meanwhile, Kumar Raj, the director of the movie, has immense experience that gives overall maturity to the development of such an important issue. However, the story might sometimes seem to lag and might get clumsy.

Nevertheless, this is a very powerful women-centric film in recent times. With shots across picturesque locations, Ameena offers a visually stunning tapestry of emotions. The film also boasts an excellent crew, including popular music maestro Ismail Darbar. It also shows the work of several iconic singers which earns the movie even more appreciation.


Final Verdict

Ameena Movie Trailer

Ameena is not just a movie, it acts as a mirror that reflects the harsh realities that many people in our society still face. Through interesting storytelling and brilliant performances, it sparks conversations that will lead to a positive change. Although there are a few minor flaws, it can still be a worthy watch. We rate this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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