Ishteyak Khan Is Back To Tickle You With Salman Khan Starrer Bharat

Ishteyak Khan

With his comic flair and natural acting, Ishteyak Khan has made his way in Bollywood for a Decade now. From, first film Agyaat in 2009 to Bharat, it has been a long journey but it was all worth it and with great journey comes the great experience, said Khan.

Talking about his character in Bharat, where he is playing a corrupt Office Clerk named Chaurasia, who is good at heart and is Fun loving and makes you laugh. Chaurasia is the one who guides Salman and tells him to meet certain people to get his work done. In the Initial stage he is Peon and later when Bharat(Salman) comeback, he is Clerk in the same office.

Ishteyak Khan

When asked about how was his experience of working with Salman, He smiles and said there is a scene in the film which is one of my favorite where Salman has to undergo body check-up and I was supposed to say my dialogues to which I only reacted “Kya Khatarnak Body hai” as I was awestruck. It was not Scripted or anything, it just came out as an instant reaction. Thankfully it went with the flow and the director liked it too.

And, before working with him I have heard a lot from people that he is a fun person and an entertainer when on set but this time it was completely opposite as he was so much involved and focused in the film that he hardly had any time to play any pranks on anybody.

Ishteyak Khan has quite a busy year with back to back film line up, his upcoming releases are Moso, Adhar, Sab Kushal Mangal hai, Shadow of Othello.

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