From “Glow” To “Coffee Wars” Kate Nash’s Best Roles On Screen

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We all knew and loved Kate Nash as a singer and songwriter before she ever started acting. Her fun, poppy hits like “Foundations” and “Kiss That Grrl” were catchy and real – anyone who had been in a relationship could relate to them.

Then, she burst onto the acting scene, and we were taken aback. Not only could Kate sing, but she could act, too.

Ahead of the March release of Nash’s latest feature film, “Coffee Wars,” we revisited some of the British actress’ most memorable performances on the silver screen—and previewed her upcoming role as a headstrong vegan entrepreneur.


Rhonda Richardson In “Glow”

Kate Nash Rhonda Richardson In Glow

In “Glow,” the hit Netflix show about women’s wrestling, Kate plays Rhonda Richardson, a spunky, outgoing British woman who wears signature 1980s Spandex and has epically huge hair. Her character is a nerdy but sexy wrestler, and she ends up getting married on the show – though by the time the series ended, it was clear that marriage wasn’t for her. On “Glow,” Kate was introduced to a broader American audience and demonstrated that she has serious acting chops. She was endearing and very watchable, and she always kept us wanting to see more of Rhonda on the screen. We all fell in love with her on this show. It’s too bad that “Glow” got canceled. Perhaps we could petition Netflix for a Rhonda spinoff?


Jo In “Coffee Wars”

Kate Nash Jo In Coffee Wars

 In “Coffee Wars,” Kate plays Jo, a strong-willed vegan coffee shop owner who isn’t afraid to curse out people who order dairy milk. When her store is facing foreclosure, Jo enters an international barista competition to win some money and save her business. However, there’s one problem: she’s only allowed to use dairy milk in her lattes. Confident that her almond milk latte recipe is a winner, Jo enters the competition anyway—and lots of hijinks ensue. This film is that much better because, in real life, Kate is a vegan. You can tell she puts her heart and soul into this hilarious role.


Boudicca In “Horrible Histories: The Movie”

Kate Nash

Kate Nash joins an all-star cast featuring Kim Cattrall, Nick Frost, and Emilia Jones for “Horrible Histories: The Movie.” In it, Kate plays Boudicca, the strong leader who fought in an army against the Romans in AD60. The singer-turned-actress also penned the song “Boudicca” to go along with her role. If you want to see Kate in some early medieval period garb go up against brutal Roman warriors, this is the movie to watch.


Her Music Videos

Kate Nash Music Videos

How could we not mention Kate’s memorable music videos? These videos are what prepared her for roles in movies and TV. From her chart-breaking “Foundations” to “Do-Wah-Doo” and “Pumpkin Soup,” you can scroll through Kate’s videos on her YouTube channel and spend hours singing along to her fun tunes. Her music videos are entertaining, her acting in them hilarious and touching, and you’ll be sure to have her music stuck in your head all day long.

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