HanuMan Day 4 Box Office Collection: Teja Sajja’s Film Total Income Report

HanuMan Day 2 Box Office Collection

In a cinematic clash of the titans, Teja Sajja’s superhero spectacle, ‘HanuMan,’ has emerged victorious, crossing the Rs 50 crore milestone in just four days since its theatrical release. Going head-to-head with heavyweight contenders like Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Kaaram and other notable releases, HanuMan stands tall, proving its mettle at the box office. Check out the HanuMan Day 4 box office collection.


HanuMan Day 4 Box Office Collection

On its fourth day, HanuMan flexed its box office muscles, raking in a staggering Rs 3.80 crore on Monday for the Hindi version. This impressive feat comes on the heels of an already commendable opening weekend, reaffirming the film’s widespread appeal and positive word of mouth. The total India collection for HanuMan now stands at an impressive Rs 16.17 crore for the Hindi language, a testament to its undeniable box office dominance. The film minted Rs 2.15 crore on Friday, Rs 4.05 crore on Saturday, Rs 6.17 crore on Sunday, and Rs 3.80 crore on Monday for its Hindi version of HanuMan.


HanuMan’s Cinematic Journey

HanuMan Movie Teja Sajja

Directed by Prasanth Varma, HanuMan follows the extraordinary transformation of an ordinary man. Thus played by Teja Sajja, who unexpectedly gains superpowers through the grace of Lord Hanuman. The film weaves together elements of history and superhero action. Therefore, it created a unique blend that has resonated with audiences across the nation. Fans have dubbed it a ‘blockbuster’ as they witness the protagonist’s journey battling a formidable supervillain in a gripping tale of good versus evil.


Teja Sajja Speaks: Excitement, Superpowers, And Entertainment

HanuMan Movie

Teja Sajja, the leading man of HanuMan, shared his enthusiasm for the project. “The very idea of doing a superhero film is very exciting for me, has been exciting throughout the process.” He elaborated on the film’s essence. Thus describing it as a captivating fusion of superhero action, comedy, and Indian history. HanuMan, in Sajja’s words. Also delivers both entertainment and a connection to our rich cultural heritage.


 All About HanuMan

HanuMan Movie Trailer

In a cinematic landscape filled with choices, HanuMan’s remarkable box office journey signifies its place as a must-watch blockbuster. Its unique blend of history, heroics, and entertainment also captivates audiences. As the applause for HanuMan echoes in theaters nationwide. Teja Sajja’s charismatic portrayal and the film’s innovative fusion of superhero elements with Indian history continue to resonate. Thus solidifying its status as a cinematic triumph. With each passing day, HanuMan not only conquers the box office. But also etches itself into the hearts of audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of Indian cinema.

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