These Are Some Of The Hottest Instagram Celebrities From India

They Ruled In 2018 And Their Popularity Is Increasing

Hottest Instagram Celebrities From Indiavia

Instagram is probably the best social networking site for all those who want to share their aesthetic sense and to show their skills and talents. In recent years, Instagram has become quite popular all over the world. Moreover, it turned many talents into the celebrity. Today we have brought you some of the Hottest Instagram celebrities from India who ruled 2018. Let us take a look at them.

Hottest Instagram Celebrities From India

1. Saad Chaudhury – 56K Followers

Saad Chaudhary is one of the Instagram celebrities whose popularity is rising day after day.


2. Neha Malik – 1.6M Followers

Neha is a model, actor and a blogger. She is followed by over 1.6 Million people.


3. Vikram Mastal – 40.6K Followers

Vikram Matsal is an actor who recently played the lead in Bollywood movie, Suspense which will hit the theaters on February 8, 2019. The actor is a fitness freak and the brand ambassador of Alps Nutrition India.


4. Aditi Budhathoki – 599K Followers

The beauty of this Instagram celebrity can attract anyone. She has modeled for various online shopping stores like Amazon.


5. Santoshi Shetty – 583K Followers

Santoshi is one of the Hottest Instagram celebrities who you should start following right now.

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