I Am Unused Review: A Thrilling Journey Of Vengeance That Keeps You Hooked

I Am Unused Review

The director of Zindagi Shataranj Hai, Dushyant Pratap Singh, is ready to launch his brand-new web series, “I Am Unused,” on MX Player. Aasma Sayed, Mushtaq Khan, Rajkumar Kanojia, Ramit Thakur, Ravi Kothari, Deepika Charak, Hiten Meghrajani, and Abhinav Soni are among the cast members. Ramit Thakur gives the script, Sanju V Talpade is in charge of the dialogues and Piyush Ranjan composes the music for the web series.


I Am Unused Web Series Story

I Am Unused Web Series Aasma Sayed

A young girl who was harmed is the subject of the compelling online series I Am Unused. She does not, however, accept defeat. She was a victim of betrayal by a person whom she was having trusted. This strong heroine is now dealing with and living with HIV. A catastrophic diagnosis like that might force her to give up. However, rather than giving up, she sets out on a mission to ensure that those with malicious purposes suffer the same fate.

She embarks on a quest for vengeance with a ferocious drive and unyielding will. Furthermore, this type of retaliation will rock the basis of those who upset her. Was she successful in her aim, though, is still an open question. Don’t miss this amazing quest for justice and redemption. One girl confronts the world and retaliates against those who seek to undermine her.


I Am Unused Web Series Review

Mushtaq Khan I Am Unused

There are a lot of dramas in the revenge subgenre for a reason: we can’t get enough of them. In this web series, there is also a sense of fulfillment in witnessing the false accuse rebel against evil powers and triumph. You will also like embracing a little of your dark side and visualizing yourself as the one seeking revenge on those who have wronged us. The series might be extremely addictive in either case. Dushaynt Pratap Singh, the director, did an amazing job on this.

Aasma Sayed I Am Unused

Although at times the plot may appear a touch slow-moving, viewers will undoubtedly feel the strong emotions and compelling aspects of the narrative. The cast members’ performance is also deserving of attention. It is a series that will also have you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. There are specific things that we anticipate from a decent Web series. I Am Unused does a good job of presenting both storyline twists and a traumatizing betrayal deserving of an origin story. However, we think that a solution might have been a little more satisfactory.


Final Verdict

I Am Unused Web Series

The series is an excellent addition to MX Player’s initiatives to offer high-quality material that appeals to Indian consumers. The website has also become one of India’s most widely used streaming websites. It is all due to the variety of its content. The Dushyant Corporation is in charge of the web series’s production.

After everything we say, it is clear that this web series has a captivating narrative. Furthermore, doesn’t revenge occasionally sound a bit too sweet to resist? Fortunately, these emotions may be out through this online series. You must give it a go if you enjoy watching suspenseful and occasionally thrilling content. Our rating for this web series is 3 out of 5 stars.

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