Imlie Today’s Latest Episode 30th June 2023 Written Updates: Cheeni Is Horrified

Imlie 30th June 2023

Imlie narrates the narrative of Imlie, a little rural girl. Aditya, a journalist, was compelled to marry. He is engaged to be married, but he must return home to defend her. When she arrives in town, she discovers that her partner is married. Their emotions and lifestyles quickly become entwined in unexpected ways. Continue reading to learn what happens in today’s episode. Happy Reading!

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Dhairya Accepts To Marry Imlie

Imlie Atharva

Dhairya confronts Imlie about her wedding plans in today’s Imlie 30th June 2023 show. Imlie says that he and Rudra have always wanted her and Dhairya to be one. She asks Dhairya whether he still wants to marry her, and Dhairya responds with a smile that he is always willing to commit to Imlie. But Imlie has feelings for Atharva.

Imlie informs Dhairya that she stood by him today since Atharva would have thrown him out, something she will not allow. Dhairya proceeds to inquire with Imlie whether she is good with everything, to which Imlie says that she is since Dhairya is such a wonderful friend that she isn’t worried about the wedding.

He accepts Imlie’s marriage proposal and, by shaking her hand, pledges to be her closest friend and to guard her from danger.


The Haldi Ceremony

The following morning, Atharva and Imlie come downstairs together dressed in yellow outfits for the Haldi ceremony. The pair sits apart after exchanging cold looks, which causes the other guests to ask Devika to bring them back together. When Imlie announces that the groom’s name is Dhairya, the guests start chatting quietly about how Atharva and Imlie had previously been married.

Imlie is currently getting married to Dhairya, Atharva’s stepbrother, while Atharva is getting married to Cheeni. While Devika ignores the side conversations and invites Anu to visit and bless the duo with haldi. Keya and Akash chuckle as they overhear the guests chatting.


Atharva Thinks Differently

 Shivani claims that she made haldi specifically for Imlie and Dhairya. Devika retorts furiously that she won’t permit others to use her kitchen haldi.

Rudra confronts Devika about why she is acting in such a haughty manner. Atharva suggests that it may be a sign that God does not want Imlie to wed Dhairya.


Imlie Gives  A Start To The Ceremony

Imlie Latest Written Update

Imlie gets up to approach Atharva and says that since she is about to start marrying her best friend, it is the finest message from God she can receive.

She asserts, while holding the color plate that it makes no difference whether Haldi is there or not because she will be using yellow color, which is also regarded as an important part of the ritual. Atharva looks at Imlie with anger as Shivani paints her in yellow while grinning widely.

Imlie takes a handful of color and tosses it into the air to symbolize the beginning of a new relationship. Then, as their haldi could run out, she fetches Atharva a plate loaded with yellow color and instructs him to use it as Haldi and apply it on Cheeni.


Imlie And Dhairya Groove Together

Imlie insists on Ginni starting the celebration with a song, while Atharva insists on Devika starting their Haldi ceremony. As the Kesariya song plays, Imlie and Dhairya dance to the melody of the love song while Atharva looks and approaches Cheeni.

Atharva takes Cheeni’s hand and takes her to the dance floor. Imlie murmurs that Kairi will have a good life with Atharva and Cheeni after their marriage. At the same time, she’ll be able to keep anything bad from occurring to Dhairya.


The Guard Mistakes Cheeni For Imlie

However, the guard runs into the Rana residence in an attempt to find Imlie but is unable because almost everyone is wearing yellow clothing. Later, the Guard approaches Cheeni, thinking she is Imlie, and tells her that the CCTV film from the accident date has been found. He continues by saying that following Atharva, no other Rana family member left the home.


Cheeni Is Horrified

Upon learning of this information, Cheeni is terrified and irately declares that she must delete the recording or her goal of establishing a family with Atharva would be destroyed.

Atharva criticizes Imlie when she later arrives to wash her face by claiming that her connection with Dhairya would end just like the color on her face will disappear. Imlie is going to leave while ignoring Atharva when she falls on him, advancing Atharva to get Imlie closer to him.


The Drama

Imlie Today's Episode

The show, an Indian drama on television, debuted on StarPlus on November 16, 2020. It may be accessed through Disney+ Hotstar. The drama enthralls the audience with its original narrative and leaves them wanting more. It assures to catch your attention. Watch for any more surprises.

What do you anticipate taking place next? Also, feel free to comment below with any ideas. We eagerly await hearing from you!

To find out what happens next, tune in to the episode tonight at 8:30 p.m.

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