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Jhanak 14th December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak 14th December Written Update

The Jhanak episode from today, December 14, 2023, begins with Anirudh asking Thammi to allow her to stay in the house. Thammi initially declines, but in the end, she gives in. Anirudh’s concern has stunned everyone. Shrithi argues that everyone is making a mistake, but Thammi says they will talk later. After that, Jhanak is led upstairs to her room when Shrishti approaches Arshi and requests that they depart. Arshi is stopped by Anirudh, who tells her they must have a conversation. She angrily agrees and tells Shrishti to go since she will join her later. Continue reading to learn what happens further in the episode.


Advice For Jhanak


As Bipasha and Tanuja usher Jhanak into her new, dusty bedroom, they warn her not to acclimate to the opulent lifestyle. They also advised her to put her education on hold and concentrate solely on housework because she was a maid in her previous home.

If they disagree with her living here, Jhanak can leave immediately. They reply, “You can play the sympathy card somewhere else and shut up,” implying that she has captured Anirudh with charm.

Bipasha tells Jhanak to stop talking as she declares she will not accept responsibility for someone else’s fault. When Abu arrives, he informs Jhanak that Bipasha and Tanuja should not be taken seriously.

Arshi responds that Anirudh should just admit his mistakes so that they can move on when Anirudh informs him that he cannot leave Jhanak with Tejas since he is an evil man. Arshi responds that they will speak later when Anirudh claims he loves Arshi but that he only wants to help Jhanak because she is Arshi’s sister.


Abu’s Fascination

Abu Jhanak

Once they’re back in the dusty room, Abu tells Jhanak how much she likes her before asking about her family, which infuriates her. When Abu holds her hand and tells her that they should go upstairs, Jhanak begins to cry. As they make their way to the terrace, Abu informs Jhanak that her illness prevents her from being married.

Abu and Jhanak inadvertently walk into Aniruddha and Arshi’s room as they are about to kiss, working out their differences. Abu chuckles and remarks that even before getting married, they were both swoon-worthy.

Aniruddha chastises Jhanak for not knocking before entering, and Arshi remarks that she never owns up to her mistakes.


Srishti’s Outburst

Srishti Jhanak

In another scene, Srishti shouts at Vinayak and Arshi about Jhanak’s evil intentions. After that, she argues that Jhanak should move in with them since they can train her to be a decent maid. This infuriates Vinayak, who then queries how Shrishti could be cruel to her, given her talent.

What do you think will happen next in the episode? Please share your opinions in the comment section provided below. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Keep an eye out for today’s episode. Also, stay tuned for further updates.

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