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Jhanak 16th December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak Latest Episode Update

The Jhanak 16 December 2023 episode begins with Apu persistently insisting that she join them for family dinner because Chottan treated them to a treat that evening. She says the Anirudh family will all celebrate the evening feast at a fancy restaurant. She asks her to come to the restaurant with them, but Jhanak says no; she doesn’t want to go. Then, believing her lying, Apu asks her mother to persuade Jhanak to visit Chinatown. This is because Jhanak has refused to travel with Apu and the family. After all, she is aware of the potential implications. She forbids Apu to speak, but he rushes to Chottan to bring her along.

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The Drive To Chinatown

Arshi Jhanak

Here, Anirudh and Arshi take a vehicle ride to Chinatown to spend some quality time together. With a tender gaze, Anirudh asks Arshi to drive cautiously. But Anirudh says he was depressed in Kashmir when Arshi wasn’t there. They both resolve their misunderstanding when Arshi asks Anirudh to swear he will never withhold anything from her.

Anirudh becomes agitated and loses control when a car suddenly speeds towards them, yet he still handles the situation. Arshi requests that Anirudh be aware of his power to prevent manipulation by third parties. After glancing at Arshi, Anirudh turns to driving, leaving Arshi to stare outdoors.


Apu Wants Jhanak To Accompany The Family

Apu Jhanak

Apu bemoans to Chottan at the mansion that he should have invited Jhanak to the family celebration and feels guilty. Anirudh’s mother becomes agitated at the suggestion and reminds Chottan that he made a mistake by taking her with them.

Nevertheless, Anirudh’s mother treats her like a maid, and Apu finds this offensive. When Jhanak and Anirudh enter the house together, Apu wants her to be at the celebration.

Anirudh also asks to take Jhanak with them, even though Arshi doesn’t think it’s appropriate. Because Vishakha believes she lacks the fundamental manners required to be in a restaurant, Vishakha teases her.


Bipasha Embarrasses Jhanak

Bipasha Jhanak

As they arrive at the restaurant, Jhanak looks after Apu as the family members place their food orders. Although Bipasha knows Jhanak won’t be able to stomach the sushi, she orders it for her.

After a while, lunch is served, and everyone but Jhanak—who looks after Apu—eats it from their plates. When Apu says that she hasn’t eaten anything, Jhanak gives Apu the food, satisfying her hunger.

Chottan offers that she eats, but since she doesn’t know how to use chopsticks, Jhanak only stares at Anirudh and the surroundings. When Chottan asks her to eat with her hands, she says she’ll use chopsticks instead. Bipasha smirks repeatedly at Jhanak, knowing that this would make her aware of her status.

Jhanak then attempted to pick up the sushi but failed and spilled soup on Anirudh’s shirt by shaking the bowl next to her. Everyone is startled when the food platter collapses.

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