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Jhanak 20th December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak Latest Episode

The Jhanak episode from December 20, 2023, opens with Jhanak and Anirudh having a covert chat. Anirudh then presents her with a saree. This depresses her since she feels offended. While Anirudh claims he picked this particular cloth for her, Jhanak believes he has been disrespecting her. Therefore, she ought to accept it, yet she says he should take these actions on Arshi’s behalf. Anirudh then clarifies that he has no malice against her. Jhanak eventually admitted her error and gave him an apology, but she refused to take the present.

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Jhanak Wonders About Ani’s Behavior


Anirudh asks her why she continuously exhibits her attitude toward him when he behaves nicely, and she responds that if someone notices them, they will be misunderstood. While Anirudh asks Jhanak to take the saree, Jhanak is perplexed why Anirudh has been taking such good care of her.

Jhanak obediently accepts Anirudh’s request to wear the saree in Kolkata, saying he would feel guilty if he didn’t. Anirudh grants Jhanak’s request to never receive anything from him, but Jhanak questions why she remains silent.


Tejas On His Quest

Jhanak Tejas

Conversely, Tejas visits Jhanak’s hamlet and intimidates the people while they assist Jhanak in eloping covertly. But since telling Tejas the truth could lead to dangerous situations, none of the locals told him about the incident. Tejas urges the villagers to say to him about Jhanak because he knows they know every detail around Jhanak’s residence.

When Tejas is clueless in Kashmir, a villager informs Tejas that Jhanak and Anirudh have fled. The villager says he has a picture, and Tejas provides it along with his phone number so they may meet the next day.


Jhanak’s Wedding Saree

Jhanak Written Update

Everyone dresses in new attire as they prepare for Laxmi puja at Anirudh’s house.

When Arshi comes to the house, Anirudh is impressed by her attractiveness.  Apu is worried since Jhanak hasn’t worn the new clothes. As Badi Maa reads the Laxmi Panchali and Apu insists that Jhanak sit next to Rimi, the latter sings a prayer to God. The entire family extends a cordial welcome to Arshi and Vinayak, who mistreat Jhanak.

However, when the priest instructs everyone to cover their feet, Bipasha finds it hard to comprehend Jhanak’s confusion at the rites. When Arshi says she will give Jhanak her old clothes, Thammi questions why she hasn’t been wearing new clothes, and Anirudh agrees.

In the interim, Apu enters Jhanak’s room and discovers a crimson saree—her wedding saree. Jhanak tells Arshi downstairs not to give her clothes because she doesn’t want to seem like a crow wearing peacock feathers. Anirudh is reminded of his marriage to Jhanak when Apu brings the bridal saree for her to wear, and everyone stares.

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