Kumkum Bhagya Today’s 18th September 2023 Written Updates

Kumkum Bhagya 18th September 2023

The Tandon family is getting ready for Janmashtami as the 18th September 2023 episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins, and Mihika gets up to grab the paints she needs to paint the pot. She grabs a piece of cloth and dusts it, which causes a dust particle to partly hamper Prachi’s vision. Manpreet and Ranbir are concerned about her, so they approach and take care of her. Prachi allows Ranbir to apply warm pressure to her eyelids since she believes it is Manpreet. Mihika observes this out of jealousy, which attracts Divya’s notice, who takes her away. Conversely, Prachi’s eyes begin to recover, causing her to know that Ranbir was the one who had assisted her. Ashok enters and asks about Akshay as she leaves without saying thank you to Ranbir. Manpreet says that she is unsure, which causes Ashok to leave.

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Mihika Envies Prachi

Mihika Kumkum Bhagya

Mihika confides to Divya that she despises Prachi since Ranbir favors her more. Vishaka comes in and tells Divya to leave before turning to face Mihika. She comforts her by telling her that even if she feels enraged with Prachi, she must restrain herself since Prachi will help her reach Ranbir.


Prachi Confronts Ranbir

Balbir Kumkum Bhagya

Later, Prachi climbs a ladder to assist in placing flowers at the entryway, which worries Ranbir. Ranbir and Manpreet tell Prachi to get down, but she ignores them. He then approaches and shakes Prachi’s chair, prompting her to get down. Ranbir tells her not to ask him that question when she inquires about what authority he has over her life. Soon later, Prachi knocks on his door, enters, and confronts him about his claim to her. Prachi trips but is caught by Ranbir after he tells her he does not comprehend anything.


Mihika Is Furious

Actress Kumkum Bhagya

Mihika sees Prachi in Ranbir’s arms from the doorway and becomes enraged before storming inside. Vishaka says that Akshay’s attitude provokes Mihika as she tries to confront Prachi. Mihika informs Prachi that she is overly generous for staying with Akshay despite his anger management difficulties after hearing this.


Prachi Misses Khushi


After some while, Prachi begins to talk about how much she misses Khushi today when she is stopped by the jingling of bells. Ranbir follows her out as she chases after a child dressed as Lord Krishna. When they go to the main arena, they manage to get the child—who is none other than Khushi. Ranbir, Prachi, and the other members are all pleased with this. Khushi responds that Akshay brought her here when Prachi inquires about why she is here. Prachi gives embraces her and thanks Akshay. Ranbir hugs Khushi before the Tandon family arrives. Khushi informs Ranbir that she has to speak with him face-to-face, prompting Ranbir to accompany her while carrying her on his lap.

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