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Jhanak 19th December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak Latest Episode Update

The Jhanak episode from today, December 19, 2023, opens with her dancing unrestrained, making Chhoton, Apu, and Badi Maa happy. Soon after, Shubho and his wife enter the house. Shubho chastises Jhanak for showing off her maidlike dance skills, while Bipasha misinterprets her motivations. When Bipasha says she wants to take on Arshi, Jhanak is taken aback.

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Ani Shops For Jhanak

Aniruddha Jhanak

Arshi and Anirudh shop for clothing for the entire family, and Anirudh selects an ostentatious Benarasi saree for Arshi. Even though Arshi buys gowns for everyone, she doesn’t mention Jhanak’s name. This left Anirudh unsure of what to do since Apu had asked Anirudh to get Jhanak new clothes. There, Anirudh purchases a saree for her in secret so as not to disturb Arshi’s mood.

At that moment, Anirudh gets a call from Arshi asking him to show her the kurta he’s chosen, so he asks her to view it alone. After paying for the saree at the other counter and leaving, Anirudh tells Arshi to check his work phone.

Later, Anirudh returns to Arshi while leaving the saree in the car, and then the two of them head back to the vehicle—however, Anirudh questions whether keeping information from Arshi is a wise idea.


New Outfits For Everyone


Jhanak admits in the house that she never intended to fight against Arshi. When Chhoton, Apu, and Badi Ma attempt to defend Jhanak’s motivation, Shubho sternly corrects them. Shubho continues to be harsh with them, pleading with them to avoid repeating this behavior. Apu tells Jhanak not to worry and says she will be allowed to dance more in the house because she is better than Arshi. Shubho is dismissed, and he and everyone else depart the place.

Upon returning home, Anirudh overwhelms Rumi, Mimi, Bipasa, and the rest of the family by giving them all new outfits. Jhanak starts to feel quite bad about herself, but Ani keeps quiet in front of other people. When Anirudh is frequently questioned about the costs, he finally says, “One lakh forty thousand rupees,” which surprises everyone.

His mother compares him to Lal, who cannot support the family. Apu questions Anirudh once more about why he failed to purchase Jhanak any clothes. Anirudh’s mother, nevertheless, doesn’t think this is significant. Jhanak then invites everyone to the breakfast table during this.


A Secret Gift For Jhanak


While they are eating, Anirudh’s mother asks Jhanak to come inside. However, she leaves, and Anirudh’s mother chastises Apu’s father for sympathizing with her by promising to buy her a saree.

She says that everyone will one day regret giving Jhanak priority, causing Jhanak to stop, and then she walks away. The following day, Jhanak prepares to secretly offer the saree to Anirudh during the puja, when she is gathering lotus petals.

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