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Jhanak 21st December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak 14th December Written Update

The Jhanak episode from today, December 21, 2023, opens with Apu entering Jhanak’s room and delivering a red saree that is Jhanak’s wedding saree. She displays it for everyone to see, embarrassing Jhanak. Arshi sternly queries where she obtained the singer and the saree. Jhanak feels afraid as the other women in the home begin to confront her.

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Anirudh Supports Jhanak

Aniruddha Jhanak

Anirudh becomes extremely nervous when he recognizes the wedding saree and secretly remembers their wedding.

When Shrishti gets to Anirudh’s residence, she questions the elders about why they appear so anxious. However, Vinayak generalizes the situation and tries to conceal the truth by saying that Jhanak brought a new saree. Arshi, too, finds it puzzling that Jhanak would store the saree in her cupboard even when she isn’t wearing one.

While Arshi declares that they won’t stop asking questions until they receive answers, Bipasha believes that Tejas gave her the saree and that she fled with it. It is taboo for Anirudh to express sympathy in this situation, and Shrishti requests that he send Jhanak back with her.


Jhanak Protests


Arshi is perplexed why Anirudh accepts responsibility for Jhanak when he is not even a friend or acquaintance. Still, Anirudh clarifies that he will not assign the duty to anyone. Without understanding the significance of the saree or red, Shristi brings up Urvashi’s insistence that Jhanak remains uneducated despite her schooling.

In protest, Jhanak asks them why they disrespect Shrishti rather than express warmth and affection while holding a mirror before her so they may see their true faces. She makes it clear that she didn’t go there of her own free will and that she doesn’t deserve to be treated poorly despite being an orphan girl.

Since Urvashi’s silence is justified because there is no evidence that Urvashi did anything improper, Anirudh backs Jhanak. Additionally, he silences Shristi because her remarks often cause her great pain.


Arshi’s Questions

Arshi Jhanak

When Arshi questions Anirudh about why he sympathizes with Jhanak, Anirudh admits he feels sorry for her. Jhanak is again asked by Shrishti and the rest of the family about the saree and sindoor. She claims that someone gave her the saree and sindoor. Furthermore, she adds that some things are best kept private. She further states that the issue remains between her and the person who gave her those items.

Anirudh tries to get Arshi to stop interrogating her, but Arshi persists and demands that she reveal who she sees. While Vinayak backs Anirudh, the rest of the family supports Arshi, forcing Anirudh to implore them to stop. Nevertheless, Arshi continues to inquire about Jhanak and wonders if she is married.

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