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Jhanak 28th December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak Latest Update

The Jhanak episode from today, December 28, 2023, opens with Jhanak presenting Arshi with a gift that Anirudh gave her. However, Arshi and others start questioning where she got the money to buy those things. Jhanak initially tells a falsehood, saying she was instructed to give these gifts to Arshi. However, Anirudha exposes this and says that he found out about Jhanak’s birthday last night. Anirudh attempts to cheer her up, but since he didn’t tell anyone, he angers all the family members. Anirudh says that in his adulthood, he acted on his feelings at that moment, wishing her a happy birthday along with Vinayak and Apu.

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Apu Wishes Jhanak

Apu Jhanak

When Apu learns it is Jhanak’s birthday, he becomes emotional and hugs her. This infuriates Arshi because Jhanak received gifts and flowers. While Shrishti belittles Jhanak by saying she deserved leftovers and making the offensive promise that she will demonstrate her ability one day, Arshi urges her to return those gifts.

When the entire family gets together in the yard to celebrate the birthday more lavishly in the evening, Arshi is taken aback and overcome by Anirudha’s surprise. Arshi thanks everyone for the beautiful surprise, and Bipasha is happy that Arshi chose the wonderful man Anirudha to be her life partner.


Bipasha Manipulates Arshi

Bipasha Jhanak

Bipasha begs Arshi to watch over Anirudh because he could be tricked or swayed by Jhanak’s attractiveness. As a result of Arshi’s influence on Bipasha’s statements, Anirudh becomes agitated. He leaves the area when he is asked many questions about why he gave the gifts to her in secret.

After Bipasha brainwashes Arshi into sending Jhanak to Kashmir, they all dance together to celebrate the Christmas party. Mimi and Rimi enlist Bipasha and Laal for a scheme during the celebration.

On the other hand, Jhanak tells Badi Maa to sit quietly in the room when Apu nags her about wanting to attend the Christmas party. When she asks Apu to think about it because she is leaving the house tomorrow, Apu becomes enraged with her and begins to cry.


Jhanak Is Intoxicated

Jhanak Written Update

There, Mimi calls Jhanak and persuades Bipasha and Rimi to humiliate her by adding wine to her drink. When Laal arrives, Bipasha reveals the whole scheme to him. After some time, Rumi enters Apu’s room and drags him and Jhanak into the celebration.

After some time, Jhanak and Apu are brought forward. Rumi gives Jhanak some juice that she has purposefully mixed with something. When Jhanak is again persuaded to have a drink, she kindly declines, but Arshi dances while her family applauds. After that, Jhanak consumes the juice and experiences vertigo while Rimi and Mimi sneer menacingly.

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