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Jhanak 27th December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak 27 December Update

The Jhanak episode from today, December 27, 2023, opens with Badi Maa stealing Apu’s lunch plate and threatening to kill her. This frightened Jhanak and Anirudh. To soothe Tanuja, Anirudh begs Badi Maa to pass Apu the food dish. However, she refuses. Badi Maa says they will see Apu’s demise if the food plate is given to her immediately.

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Badi Maa Is Enraged

Jhanak Latest Written Updates

When Apu starts to cry, Jhanak doubts Tanuja’s maternal instincts. Tanuja then threatens to kick her out if she says anything more. While Anirudh goes and offers to feed Apu, Jhanak visits Apu and comforts her with Anirudha’s help.

Badi Maa is saddened and enraged when Anirudh offers Apu a large amount of food when she begs for it. Badi Maa breaks down in tears when she complains to Anirudh about how she wishes she had died. Apu comforts her, and after that, Anirudha feeds him while privately appreciating Jhanak’s concern for her.

At that moment, Arshi inquires with Anirudh and Jhanak regarding Apu’s feeding. She eventually leaves in a displeased manner, having taken offense.


The Gifts For Jhanak

Jhanak Written Update

Arshi informs Anirudh inside that she must attend to an urgent matter and will be there in the evening. While Shristi and Vinayak also arrive, Arshi pretends to be busy, defying Anirudh’s plea that he stay put.

After doing all his labor outside, Jhanak steps inside after the Mukherjees extend them a hearty welcome. When she enters her room, she finds various gifts that surprise her. She doesn’t know who left the gifts there. After realizing that Anirudh is the one who gave the gifts, Jhanak chooses to return them to him.

She walks to the dinner table without needing those gifts to make her feel at home. Anirudh feels angry when he sees those gifts in her hands, but he takes no action.

When Shristi asks Jhanak how she got the money to buy everything, she ignores her and wishes Arshi a happy birthday. Arshi takes the gifts and asks her the same questions. Furthermore, the family becomes agitated and starts bugging Jhanak. As a result, she threatens Anirudh to come clean, or else she will tell them the truth.

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