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Jhanak 30th December 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak Latest Episode Update

The Jhanak episode from December 30, 2023, opens with Jhanak complaining that she was dragged into the party against her will.  She is asked by Anirudh, who makes her consume the beverage. While Rumi and Bipasha attempt to conceal the truth from Anirudh, Bipasha stops her out of panic and accuses her of the theatrics.

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Arshi Questions Jhanak

Arshi Jhanak

Arshi, on the other hand, questions Anirudh about the secrets he and Jhanak keep from everyone. Jhanak, who is inebriated, keeps saying that she did something severe but that she wouldn’t tell anyone. She remains silent about their marriage, even as Arshi questions Anirudh, asking everyone who invited her to the celebration.

When Rimi and Mimi enter the room, they act innocent and declare that they brought Jhanak because they feel sorry for her.


Anirudh Decides To Be Honest

Aniruddha Jhanak

Jhanak is vehemently against him and questions Anirudh directly about why he brought her to his home. When she says she won’t say anything to anyone again, Arshi and others become curious. Bado Maa asks her to go inside in the interim, but Ani’s father takes it seriously. She remains silent, but Arshi keeps asking Anirudh what he keeps from her, and Anirudh is fed up with keeping the truth from others.

For him to feel relieved and for the elders to be outraged by Jhanak’s stubbornness, he lets Jhanak reveal the truth to everyone. Arshi decides to deny her entry to the house tomorrow, but she isn’t relieved until she learns the reality. Anirudh tells the truth because he is tired of being asked questions, but Jhanak shapes it.


Jhanak Breaks Down

Apu Jhanak

Even though she tries to ignore the information, she cannot do so. Consequently, Arshi becomes even more enraged and threatens to break up with Anirudh unless she learns the truth.

When Bipasha tries to convince Jhanak to reveal the truth without embellishing it, she yells at her. She further tells Bipasha that whatever happened is better left forgotten.

While she breaks down due to the disrespectful behavior of the family members, Anirudh’s parents advise Anirudh to disregard Jhanak’s insane and pointless behavior, leading Arshi to mistrust Anirudha.

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