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Jhanak Today’s Episode 12th May 2024 Written Updates: Anirudh Bold Move To Defend Jhanak

Jhanak Latest Episode Update

In the new episode of the well-known show series “Jhanak,” tensions heightened as Anirudh moved forward to safeguard Jhanak against allegations coined towards her direction. Amid a heated exchange of words and arguments. Thus Anirudh’s generous help for Jhanak became the overwhelming focus. Therefore leaving watchers as eager and anxious as ever.


Tensions Rise

Jhanak Latest Written Updates

The episode started with Tanuja mercilessly insulting Jhanak. Thus lighting a heated trade between relatives and family members. Amid the turmoil, Anirudh arose as a voice of reason, declining to let Jhanak face the worst part of baseless allegations.


Anirudh’s Bold And Striking Move

Anirudh Krushal Ahuja Jhanak

As the episode unfolds ahead we see that Anirudh’s striking and bold decision left everyone in great excitement and shock. Thus now we have a reason to keep an eye on Jhanak’s injury that stirred up additional controversy. Also with relatives scrutinizing his thought processes and approach. In any case, Anirudh stood firm, determined with his obligation towards Jhanak and denouncing the shameful treatment she confronted.


Jhanak Speaks Out

Jhanak Hiba Nawab

As tensions arrived at a limit, Jhanak boldly stood in opposition to the insulting treatment thrown at her. Despite confronting ridicule and disdain, Jhanak wouldn’t withdraw, requesting respect and acknowledgment of her dignity.

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Arshi’s Stunning Decision

Arshi Jhanak

In an amazing development, Arshi, after knowing of Anirudh’s actions, settled on the decision to call off their upcoming marriage. Filled with betrayal and duplicity, Arshi’s resentment arrived at new levels, making way for a sensational showdown ahead.


Shrishti’s Intervention

With tensions at an ultimate height, the stage is set for a standoff that would blow the minds of the audience in the episodes to come. With Anirudh and Jhanak in the most recent episode, “Jhanak” conveys one more holding twist loaded up with drama, disloyalty, and unforeseen turns. As watchers enthusiastically anticipate the following episode in this gripping series. One thing stays certain – in the realm of “Jhanak,” anything can occur.

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