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Jhanak Today’s Episode 18th May 2024 Written Updates: Choton’s Invitation Sparks Tension

Jhanak Today's Update

The most recent episode of “Jhanak” starts with an heartfelt disclosure among Jhanak and Ajanta. She firmly describes her decision to leave the Bose Mansion well before Anirudh and Arshi’s marriage. Let’s continue reading to learn the relational dynamics inside the family and Jhanak’s idea for a date with Anirudh for the last time.


Appu And Jhanak

Apu Jhanak

Ajanta, feeling devasted, assumes that Jhanak will never return. She also laments about the fact that Appu will miss her. As Jhanak plans to leave to meet Anirudh, Bipasha stops her in the kitchen. She questionJhanak’s as to where is she going, and soon realizes that she plans to buy gifts for neighbors and books for herself. Jhanak is shocked and vows to refrain from bringing any presents at the upcoming birthday celebration of Anirudh. Bipasha, on the analyzing, looked for a diamond ring at the ceremony, sensing a feeling of excitement acknowledging she would leave the house in four days.


Appu’s Future In Jhanak

The whole discussion now shifts towards Appu’s future. Along with Ajanta expressing her misery over her daughter’s prospects. We see that Jhanak offers a promising sign ahead. Thus empowering Ajanta to enroll Appu in a music school. Notwithstanding, Ajanta trusts that financial boundaries keep her away from enrolling in Appu musical schooling.

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Anirudh’s Heartfelt Meeting

Anirudh Krushal Ahuja Jhanak

Afterward, Jhanak meets Anirudh at a coffee shop to celebrate his birthday. Her presence exhilarates Anirudh, who is visibly cheerful. Jhanak’s beauty leaves him mesmerized, and even though he battles to express his feelings, his eyes convey his deep love for her.


Choton’s Secretive Invitation To Mrinalini

The scene shifts to Choton showing up at Mrinalini’s school to invite her to Anirudh’s birthday party. Choton disguises his actual personality, which agitates Mrinalini. She questions his mind, and Choton overreacts, making a big issue out of the invitation.


Tensions Over A Gift

Jhanak Written Update

The episode closes with a recap of the upcoming episode. Jhanak is seen going into Anirudh’s room to give him a diamond ring. As the episode comes to an end we see that Anirudh also requests that she should be putting it on his finger. Therefore ignited curiosity in Arshi about the ring’s significance and importance on his finger. So remain tuned for additional drama and emotional twists in the following episode of “Jhanak”!

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