Deepika Padukone’s Perfect Reply To A Troll Who Sent Abusive Message To Her

Deepika Padukone Reply To Trollvia

Deepika Padukone is one of the finest actresses in the Bollywood industry. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in the Bollywood industry and has a huge fan following. Though the celebrities have a huge fan following, there are some followers who try to act smart and behave badly. One such incident happened with Deepika Padukone.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone has been on the receiving end of improper comments on social media. She knows how to handle these situations. Recently, a troller sent abusive messages to Deepika Padukone on her Instagram. She decided to call him out on social media and shared the screenshots of the text messages.

Deepika shared the screenshot of the abusive messages from the troller on her Instagram stories. In the story, she wrote,

“Wow! Your family & friends must be soo proud of you.”

Deepika Screenshot Insta Story
Screenshot From Instagram

Deepika Padukone’s perfect reply to the troll has won many hearts. Her fans on her Instagram flooded with supports. You might now agree with someone, it is perfectly fine. Not all the fingers of a hand are the same. However, one should respect someone’s opinion and you have no right to abuse if you disagree with their thoughts and opinions. Deepika Padukone is not new to these kinds of situations but the fans should respect the opinion of their influences.

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