KGF Actor Yash Says, ‘North Indians Used To Mock South Films 10 Years Ago’

Yash On South Films In North India

Bollywood films are struggling at the box office because of their poor content and other aspects. At the same time, films from the South Indian industry have brought a tsunami at the box office. In 2022, films like RRR, KGF Chapter 2, 777 Charlie, Major, Vikram, Sita Ramam, and Kantara have shattered box office records. It has been two decades since South Indian films made their way to North India. At that time, the dubbed versions appeared to be funny and even were trolled for the actions. Now, the time has changed, and now people who do not understand the language enjoy the dubbed versions of South Indian films. Yash, a KGF actor who created havoc with his last movie KGF Chapter 2, shares why North Indians mocked South films 10 years ago. He said,

“10 years ago, dubbed films became very popular here (North India). But, initially they all started watching with different opinions. People used to make fun of South films. They were like ‘yeh kya action hai, udd raha hai sab’ (what is this action, everything is flying).”


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Talking to India Today, Yash added,

“That’s how it started and eventually they got hooked on to that and they started understanding that art form. The problem with that was our films were sold for a bare minimum price, people used to do bad quality dubbing and it used to be presented in a bad way with funny names.”


Yash’s Father Still Works As A Bus Driver

Kannada Actor Yash Family

Yash’s real name is Naveen Kumar Gowda. His father, Arun Kumar, worked as a driver in the KSRTC transport service and later in the BMTC transport service. His mother was a homemaker. Even though Yash became a superstar, his father has still not left his profession. During the event, SS Rajamouli revealed the same and said,

“I was amazed after knowing that Yash is the son of a bus driver. I’m told that his father works as a bus driver even today. To me, Yash’s father is the real star more than the actor.”

Yash completed his education in Mysuru. He came to Bengaluru with just Rs 300. His family supported his ambition, but they were unaware of Yash’s possession for the entertainment profession. In an interview with Variety, Yash said,

“They thought okay, maximum one or two days he will be there, or a week, and he will come back. He will realize what life is.”


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Yash is married to actress Radhika Pandit. He first met her on the sets of the TV serial Nanda Gokula. The couple has two kids. KGF: Chapter 2 is the highest-grossing Indian film of 2022 so far that has minted Rs 1207 crore globally. Do you think Bollywood needs to work on content? Let us know in the comments below.

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