Khela Hobe Review: Om Puri Stands Out As A Moral Man Amongst All The Dirty Politicians

Khela Hobe Review

Khela Hobe is one Bollywood film that made its release on 24th February 2023. To say that it has an exciting plot would be a sheer understatement. It is filled with a lot of drama. Furthermore, its story revolves around a lot of politics and how politicians play dirty to win. The cast of this film is super amazing. Om Puri, Rati Agnihotri, Manoj Joshi, Mugdha Veira Godse, and Rushad Rana are to name them. In addition, this is the last film in which we can see the talent of the late veteran actor Om Puri. If you are curious to know about the movie, then you are at the right place. Read on to learn about the Khela Hobe review.


Khela Hobe Story

Mugdha Godse Khela Hobe

The story of Khela Hobe is set in a small town called Raghav Garh. Furthermore, its plot revolves around certain people who wish to fight for the elections of a local governing body’s chairman. However, we all know that the word politics is synonymous with the word dirty. And the movie very well shows the essence of it. Each politician who aims to compete for the position uses a sensitive topic for their ulterior motives. The sensitive topic is about a mentally disabled young woman who gets impregnated by an unknown perpetrator. To know how the story follows, make sure to watch the movie.


Khela Hobe Review

Manoj Joshi Khela Hobe

The movie Khela Hobe is filled with notions of dirty politics, the wrong use of secularism, communalism, selfishness, helplessness, and a little righteousness. This directorial work of Sunil Sinha aptly showcases what all people can do in order to gain political power. The mentally disabled young woman is called “pagli” throughout the film. Furthermore, every candidate in the election uses her issue to gain their ambition. While Bachchu Lal (Manoj Joshi) tries to win votes by paying pagli’s hospital bill, Gupta (Sanjay Batra) opens an ashram in her name to gain people’s trust. On the other hand, another candidate Shabbo (Mugdha Godse), promises to catch the perpetrator who used pagli by demanding a DNA test. Her motive to fight for the election is inculcated more with the notions of revenge. The reason behind the revenge is super interesting to see.

Om Puri Khela Hobe

The entire cast of the film makes a sincere effort in their respective roles. However, the film still lacks the essence of good production value. Furthermore, the writing of the characters could also have been a little better than what is being portrayed. What is special about the film is that we have a short but impactful act of the late veteran actor Om Puri. He is shown as a man who is contesting for the election, but unlike every self-centered candidate, he is a man filled with the notions of righteousness.

If we talk about music, there is not much to offer. The film could have had a better screenplay.


Final Verdict

Mugdha Godse In Khela Hobe

All in all, what can be said about the film is that the film has plenty of loopholes that could have been worked upon. Nonetheless, pagli’s angle and Shabbo’s take on it make the movie a bit interesting. One can go ahead to watch this film if they wish to see Om Puri one last time on the big screen. We give Khela Hobe 3 stars out of 5.

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