Kumkum Bhagya Today’s 15th September 2023 Written Updates

Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2023

The 15th September 2023 episode of Kumkum Bhagya opens with Prachi pushing Ranbir away. Still, he continues to approach her and compels her to admit that she continues to have feelings for him. Prachi won’t accept the reality, so Ranbir explains to her that she could have stated that she remained in love with him last night since she was intoxicated and unconscious. Prachi becomes tense and claims that she is not rational since she is silent, but this is untrue because she chose to marry Akshay and is content with him. In a fit of rage, Ranbir tells her to be silent while placing his palm over her mouth.

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Akshay Grabs Ranbir’s Collar

Actress Kumkum Bhagya

Prachi feels awful for him since she’s keeping her feelings from him, so she moves on. When Akshay overhears Prachi and Ranbir talking, he grabs Ranbir by the collar and tells him to keep his wife away, but Ranbir ignores him and leaves.


Wedding Dress Selection

Balbir Kumkum Bhagya

While Divya answers the door and claims she is going to see, Mihika selects several dresses for her wedding-related events. Abhay is asked by Vishaka to pick out his outfit as well, but he struggles to decide between the possibilities and begs Vishaka to make the decision. Suddenly, Prachi appears as well, and Vishaka asks her for advice before asking her to assist Mihika in selecting an outfit for Ranbeer.


Prachi Chooses Outfit

kumkum bhagya Today's episdoe

After some time has passed, Ranbir and Akshay arrive, and Vishaka shows them the kurtas. Ranbir inquires with Mihika as to whether Prachi chose the outfits because he loves them. Prachi claims that she chose it, although Mihika had previously chosen it. Mihika praises the designer for providing clothing quickly, while Akshay says he would choose more outfits.


Vikram Disapproves The Marriage

However, when Dida asks Vikram why he feels so depressed these days, he replies that he disapproves of Ranbeer’s choice to wed Mihika.


Dida Is Not Well

kumkum bhagya

When Pallavi arrives and inquires as to why Dida is still not ready, Dida responds that she has a small fever from worrying about Ranbir. In the meantime, Vishaka requests that Manpreet ask the jeweler to bring all of the appealing designs home. When Pallavi contacts Vishaka, she informs her that they are unable to arrive today since Dida is ill. Manpreet arrives and answers the phone. Pallavi is instructed to look after Dida, and she is told that they will speak at night and that the event may be postponed if Dida is still unwell. Ranbir and Prachi, on the other hand, think about one another.

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